Nike EYBL: What we learned

This past weekend's Nike EYBL taught us plenty about numerous Arizona prospects. Read on to see what we learned about Ivan Rabb, Stanley Johnson, and more.

This weekend gave us an opportunity to see a ton of Arizona prospects in person and we learned plenty not only about the talent of those prospects but where their recruitments stand as well.

Stanley Johnson is getting closer: Johnson's list is currently at seven, but he definitely sounded as if he is getting close to really sitting down and figuring out what he wants to do.

Johnson wants to visit both USC and UCLA in order to meet the new coaching staffs and once he does that, it would not be a surprise to see him narrow his list to three and proceed from there.

The forward may not say it outright, but Arizona is going to be right in the thick of things. Head coaches from Arizona, Kentucky, USC, and UCLA watched Johnson and each coach is doing his best at trying to land the highly regarded forward.

Ivan Rabb is still improving: And that's not a bad thing. He is already one of the top players in his class and some would say he is the best, which we would not necessarily argue.

The scary part of Rabb's game is that he can still get better and recognizes that fact. He has plenty of touch around the basket, but Rabb still needs to get stronger and has the ability to keep expanding his range.

In addition, Rabb is still learning when to balance his aggressiveness. He sometimes does not go for blocks that he could have easily gotten because his feel for the game is not completely there yet.

It will definitely get there and once it does, it is hard to imagine there will be even a handful of players better than him in the class.

Justise Winslow can do it all: Winslow is somewhat deceptive because he does everything well, but does not necessarily dominate all the time.

What we liked most about him this weekend is that he knows exactly what he is and strives to stick to that. Often times we will see a highly regarded player not listening or taking shots he has no business taking.

With Winslow, he almost never takes a bad shot. He doesn't need to shoot three-pointers just to shoot them because he would rather attack the weakness of the opposition.

Winslow is as smart as they come and would fit in perfectly with what Sean Miller asks his wings to do. Whether it is running in transition, making an athletic play, or grabbing a rebound, Winslow can do it.

Miller has his priorities: Miller made sure he saw Justise Winslow, Stanley Johnson, Ivan Rabb, and Parker Jackson-Cartwright as much as possible. He also flew to Texas to see Craig Victor, Stephen Zimmerman, and Namon Wright.

Now that doesn't mean that the guys Miller did not watch are not priorities, because the assistants saw plenty of players. What it does mean is that the players he saw can be regarded as guys that Miller is high on and would take right now.

We don't see those priorities changing much, if at all, and that picture is clearer now.

Arizona may have to go national: The 2014 post class in the west has been described as weak and this weekend did absolutely nothing to change that.

Arizona now likely needs to land two posts because of Grant Jerrett's departure and there aren't many post players we feel comfortable about.

Zylan Cheatham has plenty of potential, but is not a no-brainer by any means and would take time to develop. Payton Dastrup had a decent weekend and is going to likely take his mission right out of high school.

It makes complete sense that Arizona is looking at transfers and it would not be a surprise to see the Wildcats take a more national approach if it comes to sticking to the high school route.

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