Nike EYBL: Sunday Evaluations

Sunday was the final day of the opening Nike EYBL weekend. Read on to see how Parker Jackson-Cartwright, Ivan Rabb, and more performed.

GARDEN GROVE, CALIF. - Los Angeles EYBL came to an end on Sunday and it gave us an opportunity to see a handful of Arizona prospects one last time before the next step in their AAU season.


Stanley Johnson: Once again, one of the only reasons why the Soldiers were even in the game was the performance of Johnson. He finished 9-17 from the field and was strong on the glass. At this point, we know what Johnson is and so does everybody else, which is why some of the top schools in the country want him.

The Soldiers were unable to come up with a win, but Johnson did everything he could. He often got to the lane at will and did not settle for jumpers. Johnson saw a weakness and exploited it and what is impressive is that instead of trailing off near the end of games, Johnson seems to want the ball more and gains momentum as it goes on.

Kameron Chatman: Chatman's potential is obvious, especially when you take his physical attributes into account. Chatman is still really slender, which is why we consider him a small forward as of now. It is definitely possible that he fills out and wins up being a power forward, but that would not diminish his skills at all.

Chatman has solid range, but is a better shooter when he stays within the arc. He struggled on Sunday, shooting 4-14 from the field and turning it over seven times. We have seen him enough to know that he is better than that and it will be interesting to see how he keeps progressing because he does a lot of things well.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: This was easily the best game that PJC had over the weekend and the best we have seen him play in a while. Jackson-Cartwright finished with 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. He picked it up in the second half, hitting three consecutive three-pointers and finding Zylan Cheatham for the assist that forced overtime.

This Cal Supreme squad actually is not the best fit for him because there isn't much offense that he can set up. It is not a terrible team by any means, but PJC is being asked to score more than he probably will be at the college level and that is just not his strength.

Zylan Cheatham: Cheatham kind of reminds us of a few players that we have seen and debated in the past. Dakarai Allen was a popular player to debate because he did not have a great offensive game, but did other things well. Emmanuel Negedu is another familiar name for Arizona fans and we can see him being compared to Cheatham because of their athleticism and, again, their lack of offense.

Cheatham is not as good as a defender as Allen, but he has a great ability of rotating to block shots and is very quick for his size. We see him as a legitimate four at the next level with the ability to take other fours off the dribble. It may seem like a broken record, but Cheatham's recruitment is going to depends on whether or not a coach feels the work is worth the reward due to his raw ability.

Justise Winslow: Winslow once again contributed in plenty of ways, finishing with 11 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 steals. The opposition was not very good, but that should not take away from what Winslow can do.

He got three of his points at the line, did exactly what he needed to do, and chose to get his teammates involved. Winslow is a nightmare to guard because he can do so many things well and even if you take away his offense, he is going to be able to make an impact through his passing or on the defensive end.

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