Miller excited for final opportunity

Terrence Miller was recently granted a redshirt and will now have one final opportunity at Arizona. Read on for his reaction, thoughts on the quarterback situation, and more.

Terrence Miller only recently found out that he had been given a redshirt for last season and will be able to get one more year in hopes of finishing his career at Arizona healthy.

"I understood the rules of redshirting," Miller said. "I read them over with Coach Rod and our compliance staff and they pretty much told me I qualify for it, so it was a matter of time of waiting for them to put it through."

Miller is excited to now be able to move forward, especially with the way that he was unable to contribute last season.

"I am excited for it because obviously my last year got cut short and as a senior you always want to play your last season giving it all," he said. "It kind of hurt me not being with my team. I was on the sideline, but you always want to be on the field."

Now that Austin Hill is out for the season, Miller's role in the offense will increase. He is expected to play numerous receiver positions, including tight end.

"Every once in a while," Miller said of playing tight end. "Coach likes how quick I am getting on blocks. I think it is a good thing that I am pretty quick at getting my hands on linebackers and defensive linemen, so it is a plus for the team.

"It does not really matter to me. As long as I am on the field and able to make plays, it doesn't really matter. Wherever Coach Rod tells me to go is my favorite for that point in time."

Another aspect of the offense that does not matter to Miller is who his quarterback is, as he feels confident in each of the options.

"In this offense it does not really matter who the quarterback is," Miller said. "As long as he is a leader and his composure is good, any of our guys can handle the job. As a receivers and running backs, we have to make sure that we are all on point."

Miller has taken snaps from B.J. Denker before, but the recent scrimmage allowed him to work with Jesse Scroggins, who Miller says impressed him.

"He has not really been in a live situation for over a year," Miller said. "I think for that he was pretty good. His composure was there and I think it is a matter of time and getting reps in practice and once that happens I think he will be great."

Now that the spring is over, Miller feels that is went well overall, despite its inconsistent moments.

"I think we had a pretty good spring," he said. "We had a number of good days and we had some down days where we had to sit back in the film room and look and see why certain things were, but it has never been a long period of time where we have been bad. We went out and got it corrected and followed it up with a good day."

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