Quarterback has co-leaders

Quarterback Cade Apsay has two leaders. Read on to see who they, when he will decide, and more.

It's no secret that Rich Rodriguez wants to land a quarterback in the 2014 class and one of the players he is interested in is Canyon Country (Calif.) signal-caller Cade Apsay.

The interest has paid off, as Arizona is one of Apsay's favorite schools.

"My leaders are Arizona and Colorado," Apsay said. "Both schools are somewhat similar in their offenses and coaching staff and I guess that's probably why I like them."

One of the main reasons why Arizona has emerged as a leader for Apsay is the relationship he has built with the coaching staff.

"The Arizona coaching staff is great," he said. "We've got a good relationship. I've talked with most of the coaches and they've had a lot of really positive things to say about my game.

"They like my quick release and they like the way I handle and run the offense. I get the feeling they think I fit their system well."

Apsay will continue to hone his skills, but has his eye on leaving the state.

"I don't know about the camps yet, but I know I want to get to Washington at some point and maybe check out some other schools," Apsay said.

"I will say this, I would like to get out of California, if possible. I think going away for college would be a good thing for me and help me grow as a man and player."

Apsay is looking for a school with strong team camaraderie.

"Since I might leave the state, I would say being comfortable with whatever school I choose and finding a friendly atmosphere with an up-tempo offense would be nice," Apsay said.

Apsay does not have an exact date of when he would like to decide, but does have a solid idea.

"I would like to decide by June or July," he said. "I've talked it over with my parents and we both feel the sooner I can figure out where I want to go to the better."

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