Three Wildcats to get shot at NFL

Although Arizona did not have a player drafted this year, three Wildcats will get a shot at the NFL. Read on to see who they are and which teams have given them an opportunity.

When the NFL Draft had been completed, no Arizona Wildcats had gone for the first time since 2005. However, it only seemed to take minutes before three Wildcats found their next destination.

Quarterback Matt Scott has landed in Jacksonville, where he will be reunited with former quarterback coach Frank Scelfo. In addition, Scott may have a solid shot of making the roster, as Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne are the two main quarterbacks standing in his way and the Jags are not completely sold on either.

It is a bit of a surprise that Scott was not drafted, as his stock seemed to increase at just the right time. Some mock drafts had him going as early as the third round, but the draft as a whole did not put a premium on quarterbacks and it hurt Scott's draft stock.

In addition to Scott, center Kyle Quinn is expected to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles. Quinn was never likely to be drafted, but he now finds a home with a coach in Chip Kelly that is plenty familiar with how Quinn operates.

The third member of last year's squad to find a home in the NFL, at least for now, is wide receiver Dan Buckner. Buckner has informed members of the media that he will sign with the Arizona Cardinals. He had impressive workouts for a handful of teams and although it did not get him drafted, it does appear that Buckner is going to get a legitimate shot at a NFL future.

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