2014 NFL Draft: A look ahead

Arizona did not have any players drafted this year, but that should change in next year's NFL Draft. Read on to see the NFL prospects, where Arizona's talent stands as a whole, and more.

With the 2013 NFL Draft completed, it does not hurt to look ahead at the Wildcats that could be possibly drafted next year. There are numerous players that could have solid season for Arizona, but that does not necessarily translate to NFL stock, as shown by Matt Scott. The following list is players that we feel have the best shot at being drafted next year.

Marquis Flowers: Flowers NFL future is probably at linebacker, although he was not a terrible college safety by any means. Last season, Flowers showed a solid ability at making open field tackles and getting into the backfield, as he finished with 13 tackles for loss, including 5.5 sacks.

He has continued to grow physically and is in line for a big season. He is not going to be a high draft pick unless he has a monstrous season, but there is a good chance that Flowers will prove to be good enough for a late-round pick.

Austin Hill: Hill's chances of being drafted decreased dramatically with his knee injury, but we have to list him here just in case he is able to get healthy. At this point, Hill is not necessarily out for the year and there is a chance he will be back at some point this season. If that happens, and Hill is able to put together a solid string of games and show he is healthy, it would not be a shock to see him enter the draft.

Is it likely? No, probably not. However, Hill was one of the best receivers in the country last season and if he is able to come back at some point, he could generate buzz. There have been crazier things that have happened, but Hill has NFL potential.

Ka'Deem Carey: Carey has the ability to be a first-round pick in next year's draft and if he does not go that high, he won't be far off. He led the nation in rushing last season, has a body built to be a NFL running back, and can be used in numerous ways.

This one is a no-brainer not only in terms of his stock, but where he will be after next season. If Carey does not enter the draft, it likely means he had a disappointing season. If that happens, Arizona as a whole suffered because of it. We would be surprised if either was a real option, so we are making the easy prediction of Carey being the first Arizona player drafted next year.

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The three players above combined with the fact that Arizona did not have any players drafted this year shows that Rich Rodriguez won with limited talent. He had numerous players drafted from when he was at Michigan and you have to believe it is going to take him a few years to get the necessary talent into Arizona. Once that happens, the number of players drafted is going to increase.

We can keep an eye on players that Fabbians Ebbele, Tra'Mayne Bondurant, and maybe a few others, but none of them are likely to enter the draft early. There just is not a lot of NFL talent on Arizona right now, but all signs point to that changing in the next few years.

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