Thomas enjoying the process

Elijah Thomas is one of the top players in 2015 and is getting recruited as such. Read on for his thoughts on the process, when he will decide, and more.

There have not been many players more impressive in EYBL than 6-foot-8, 240-pound Dallas Prime Prep Academy center Elijah Thomas.

The 2015 five-star has had numerous schools watching him play each time out and rightfully so, as he continues to improve and is already playing at a high leve.

Thomas is facing some of the best competition he has ever gone up against, but does not seem to be intimidated at all.

"I work so hard and put hours in, so that it's not really hard coming out here to play," Thomas said. "I feel I can score or pass it out to my teammate for him to score, but I am enjoying EYBL and it is a great time playing against the top players and having coaches come see you. I have earned a lot of respect for the players involved."

Thomas is going to be one of the most highly recruited players in his class, but says that his focus is not necessarily on recruiting right now.

"Recruiting is going well," he said. "I am not really big on recruiting right now. I am trying to get a 4.0 before school is over, so grades are my biggest worry right now."

However, Thomas can't help but realize the fact that most of the top schools in the country are recruiting him.

"Duke, Ohio State, Indiana, Georgetown, California, SMU, USC, Michigan State, North Carolina, Florida, N.C. State, Texas. Texas A&M, and Arizona are the schools recruiting me right now," he said.

As Thomas goes through the recruiting process, he has a good idea of what he will be looking for in a school.

"I will be looking at a school with a family feel and a school that is going to help me get way better than I was before I went there," he said. "I also want an environment that I am going to be comfortable in as long as I am there."

Thomas is not sure when he wants to make a final decision, but has a good argument as to why he is not in any rush.

"I am taking my time," Thomas said. "I am a big kid. I don't want to speed it up. When you get to college it is all business, but right now I want to be with my family and friends and be a kid as long as I can."

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