Chol transfer has different angles

Angelo Chol decided to transfer on Wednesday. Read on to see why, what it means for both parties involved, and more.

Arizona forward Angelo Chol has decided to transfer from Arizona after averaging a little over eight minutes per game this season.

Chol was a fan favorite at Arizona, but was unable to transfer his four-star status into production. Chol averaged 2.8 points and 2.3 rebounds in his freshman year and with four minutes less per game this past season, his averages decreased to 1.9 points and 2 rebounds.

With Arizona having Aaron Gordon, Brandon Ashley, Kaleb Tarczewski, and others, the word was that Chol would be likely to redshirt during the upcoming season. Instead, he will look to go to a school that he will have a better chance of contributing at in two years.

"Arizona taught me a lot and really helped me understand the game of basketball better throughout the past two years," Chol told

San Diego State is considered to be the favorite for Chol, although he claims he does not yet have a list of schools.

"I don't have any schools I'm considering yet, but hopefully will make a decision next week," he said.

Although Chol had nothing but positive things to say about his time at Arizona, he does have criteria he will be looking at in a new school.

"I want the opportunity to play consistently and in an up-tempo offense, which is my type of style," Chol tells

As of now, Arizona is not sure of how it will proceed. Chol's transfer is not a surprise by any means, so the coaching staff is not scrambling and there really is not a huge rush to figure things out because it is near the end of school.

The coaching staff could decide to go with a graduate transfer that would be eligible right away or to land a transfer that has to sit out in order to get him acclimated for two season from now. The third option, of course, is doing nothing and entering the season with the roster as it is now.

The loss of Chol may seem like a hit, but the effect is likely bigger in two seasons rather than the upcoming season. Losing a player that would have likely redshirted is not going to hurt, but Arizona needs to be able to put together a strong front court two seasons from now and losing Chol makes that a bit harder to do, but certainly not impossible.

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