Chapman ready to figure it out

Brekkott Chapman is not sure what he wants in a school, but the hope is that he will be able to decide by the end of the summer. Read on to see what his mother says about the recruitment, Arizona, and more.

By now it is no secret that the Arizona coaching staff wants to land at least one power forward for 2014.

The 2014 class for big men in the west is a bit lacking, but there are some players like Roy (Utah) power forward Brekkott Chapman, who have a ton of potential.

Arizona is just one of the schools intrigued by that potential and has been recruiting Chapman.

"The Arizona coaches were supposed to come for an in-home, but something came up with Coach Miller, so we're looking to set something up in the future," said Chapman's mother, Kim Littlefield.

Littlefield admits that they are still learning about Arizona, but look forward to meeting with the coaches.

"The Arizona coaches have let us know they're very interested in Brekkot's abilities, but we don't know a ton about them other than the correspondence," she said.

Arizona isn't the only school interested in Chapman.

"UCLA was just in here for a visit and it went well," Littlefield said. "The coaches were just talking about their philosophy and the special kind of school UCLA is. Brekkott was impressed by the visit."

Chapman isn't quite sure of what he's looking for in a school, but would like to decide where he wants to go by the end of the summer.

"He goes back and forth all the time on what he wants to do," Littlefield said. "At first he was pretty set on wanting to go to a warm climate and I think he's changed that a little bit to the point where it's not a huge factor.

"He's also switched back and forth on majors a few times. Sports medicine has been an interest along with some other things."

Due to Chapman's decision timeline, he realizes that he must figure out his criteria sooner than later.

"He knows he's got to figure this stuff out soon because he wants to decide on a college by the end of the summer," Littlefield said.

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