Jackson-Cartwright working to improve

Parker Jackson-Cartwright is happy with his commitment to Arizona. Read on to see what he is working on, how is health is, and what his reaction to the local schools calling him was.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright is not approaching this year's EYBL any differently now that he is an Arizona commitment, as he wants to keep the same mentality he always has.

"It is a relief to be committed, but I still have to keep working and get better," Jackson-Cartwright said. "I have to be mentally prepared every game, especially for this, because you have to come ready to play."

Towards the end of last season, Jackson-Cartwright suffered an ankle injury and continues to recover.

"I would say I am about 70 percent," he said. "I can't really plant nor do some of the things I am used to doing.

"You have no control over it; that is just how your body works. I am just going to keep doing what I can do to get healthy, however long that takes."

Still, PJC wants to compete and feels that he is healthy enough to do so.

"I just like competing," he said. "I feel like if I can walk, I can play. The only thing that is really going to stop me is the doctor. I like competing and I want to be out here playing and keep winning."

Jackson-Carwright believes he has improved from last season, especially with his mental approach to the game.

"Taking bad games and learning from them and not caring about the last game," he said of what he has improved on. "I have grown a lot personality wise and being more vocal on the court."

In addition, Jackson-Cartwright continues to work on becoming a better player and has one specific aspect of his game in mind.

"Getting stronger, working on my body more," he said. "Extending my game, I would say. Watching Trey Burke, one thing he really did this year was extended his game out to 25-30 feet and he is fearless. I want to be that fearless player and extend my game out."

Jackson-Cartwright has seen the local schools changes coaches and admits that both have reached out to him.

"Through other people, but that is understandable," he said. "They were respectful and they are dealing with the commitment. It opened my eyes a little because they are good coaches, but I am riding with Arizona."

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