McGee preparing for next steps

Khari McGee announced that he will likely enter his name in the MLB draft. Read on to find out more about his decision and why he still expects to play for Arizona this season.

As a Signing Day surprise for the Arizona fans, the Wildcats signed Fresno (Calif.) Edison HS quarterback Khari McGee. That wasn't the last surprise that the signal caller would have for the spring.

McGee quit playing baseball shortly after sending his letter of intent to Rich Rodriguez. However, he wasn't quite ready to give up the game that he had been playing since he was five years old.

"I quit playing baseball earlier this spring, but I have been hearing from some of the scouts for a few teams and they want me to enter my name in the draft so I could get drafted," McGee said.

"Honestly, I probably will enter my name in the draft just to see what happens. If I do get drafted, I would have to weigh my options and figure out what I'm doing then. I would like to do both, but I'm not sure how that would work. "

The quarterback still plans on playing football at the University of Arizona, but doesn't want to ignore the interest he is receiving from several MLB teams.

Before leaving his high school baseball team, McGee had received a visit from the Milwaukee Brewers and several letters of interest from the Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Even if the 6-foot-3 quarterback enters his name in the baseball draft, he is still planning on enrolling in summer classes at Arizona. McGee is set to report to Tucson on June 23rd.

"I stopped playing so that I could focus on football because I didn't want to get to Arizona and be cold," he said.

"It wouldn't be good for me to have to learn how to throw a football all over again as soon as I get there. I wanted to make sure my body and my skills were in the right place for when I get there."

McGee is anxious to get to campus and start working out with his new team, but he acknowledges that there are a few things he wants to take care of while he waits. One of those priorities is continuing to improve his schoolwork.

"My grades are going good," McGee said. "I have a 3.1 GPA right now and I'm trying to get that up. I don't want to have any problems at all when I get to Arizona. I'm just focusing mainly on my grades as a first priority and football as a close second."

He admitted that there was a lull a few weeks ago, but since then he has been back on track and working hard to finish the semester strong.

"School has been going good," he said. "My higher grades are staying the same and the other ones are coming up. The past couple weeks I got senioritis a little bit, but I got past that and I'm back on track."

With the starting quarterback spot open for grabs for the 2013 season, McGee has been hard at work getting himself prepared for practices with Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez.

One of the biggest changes for the high school senior has been with his diet and nutrition.

"I got the nutrition and strength packet a few weeks ago and I've just been following that so I can get stronger," McGee said. "I've gained about five pounds, but it has been tough.

"It's a whole lot different for me; It's life changing. I had to stop eating about sixty-percent of the stuff I had been eating before so I can get bigger and healthier."

McGee has also upped his workout regimen to meet the Wildcats' standards. He was already doing most of the recommended exercises, but has made an extra effort to make sure he has conditioned himself well enough to keep up at Arizona's fast-paced practices.

"My dad calls me every day and checks up on me, asking me if I ran my miles for that day," McGee said. "When I have late start days, I wake up and run a mile or two before school. Other days, I'll get that running in before I do my other workouts."

With just a few weeks left of school, the dual-threat quarterback is just counting down the days until he can get to Tucson and join his teammates.

"I'm just waiting until the 23rd, so I can get out there and join the team and get started," he said.

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