Rodriguez reflects on spring ball

Rich Rodriguez took time on Monday to reflect on spring football. Read on for his thoughts on the quarterbacks, injuries, and more.

Rich Rodriguez has taken time to reflect on spring football and much of the discussion has been about the quarterback situation.

On Monday, Rodriguez admitted that he may have different expectations for a player such as Jesse Scroggins or Anu Solomon than he would for B.J. Denker, who has been in the system longer.

"Just from our expectation of guys that are new to the system and all that, we have to be more patient and we are not really kind of patient people, but with the freshmen coming in, being the first time we are practicing with them, we have to be patient and understanding," Rodriguez said. "It is going to be a different language, it is going to be a different tempo.

"The guys that were here during the spring, our expectation frankly will be a little higher. We expect them to understand that the way we ended spring and picked up fall camp ready to take it to another level."

One of those competitors will be Scroggins, who showed glimpses, but did not play much due to injury.

"He has a chance," Rodriguez said. "He has a lot to learn. The last week of spring practice he was able to do a little bit. I think it was valuable. Jesse has come in with a really good attitude. He knew it was kind of his last chance.

"He had bounced around a little bit and I think he has matured and understands this is an opportunity for him to prove himself all over again and I have been really pleased with the way he has jumped in and tried to learn the system."

Scroggins was not the only Wildcat that was injured and Rodriguez touched a bit on the fact that coaches can't go as hard as they may like to.

"Coaches have to be careful," he said. "We had a lot of guys hurt. It was probably a little abnormal to have as many offseason surgeries as we had. Unfortunately we did get one or two guys hurt in the spring towards the end.

"We didn't hit as much simply because we didn't have the bodies. I think coaches are more cautious nowadays anyway. I think coaches are being really careful because they want to make sure they are healthy for August camp."

One change that Rodriguez would like to see that may have to do with the way they have to approach the spring is that he would like some time with his team in the summer.

"I would like to have the ability to work our guys out in the summer, maybe in June," he said. "Kind of like basketball does. Get a couple hours a week without notepads, helmets, or anything.

"Just teaching technique and drill work, so we are around them a little bit. Have them for a couple weeks in June or a couple weeks in late July or something I think would be pretty beneficial."

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