Quarterback position still wide open

Arizona's quarterback position is wide open. Read on to see what each signal caller has to offer, who the favorite might be, and more.

Although spring ball has been over for a while now, there are still numerous positions that will not be decided until the summer, if then. Here is a look at the battle to be the starting quarterback and the advantages that each player brings.

B.J. Denker: Many Arizona fans have already counted Denker out, but if he is not going to start, then he is at least going out with a fight. Denker is easily the quarterback that is most comfortable with what Arizona is running offensively.

"B.J. Denker has had a very productive spring," Co-Offensive Coordinator Rod Smith said. "I think he's been pretty sharp lately. He still has some things we need to continue to get better at and work on.

"I've been pleased with his progress. He probably has the greatest grasp of what we're doing offensively. He understands where the ball needs to go and what it needs to do at certain times."

We would not necessarily call Denker the favorite for the job because he is somewhat limited in what he can do in terms of his throwing ability. However, he is probably the best runner out of the quarterbacks that were in spring camp and even when Solomon comes, Denker may still remain the best runner.

Rodriguez has shown that he is not as enamored with having a running quarterback as people may think, but the idea of having Denker behind center has to be intriguing and allows for more options offensively. We don't feel comfortable saying Denker has a great chance at being the starter, but he absolutely has a shot.

Jesse Scroggins: Scroggins' injury was not only disappointing to Arizona fans, but the coaching staff and Scroggins himself as well. There is no doubt that Scroggins has the best arm strength on the team, but his injury basically means he will be starting from scratch.

"Jesse Scroggins has been in there to get some throws," Smith said. "He's not full speed yet but he can take some drops. I want him to get the feel of how deep routes are, the timing of throws and what it looks like, what it feels like, getting back in the throwing motion.

"He's probably has the best arm of our group, he's very physically gifted but at the same time, he has a lot to work on this summer."

You can make an argument that the quarterback job is Scroggins' to lose. The ideal situation with most teams is to redshirt a freshman quarterback and it is easy to assume that the coaching staff did not recruit Scroggins to sit on the bench.

However, the fact that he was not able to progress as much as he would have been able to if he was healthy is disappointing. Solomon will not be that far behind Scroggins and Denker probably has a bit of a leg up on him.

Scroggins is absolutely going to have to be impressive this summer, but we would expect him to enter the summer with his timing better and completely recovered health wise. If that is the case, Scroggins has a very good shot at starting next season.

Anu Solomon: Solomon is going to have every chance at being the starting quarterback and if Rodriguez's thoughts are any indication, he has a very legitimate shot of doing so.

"He may be one of the best high school quarterbacks from a winning standpoint in the country in a long, long time," Rodriguez said. "I think he was 56-4, won four state championships and is from one of the best programs in the country.

"He can throw, he runs wells, he's a tough competitor and he's a winner. Again, he played for a great high school program. I'm really excited about Anu. He has the skill set that we look for in a quarterback. He's a competitor and a tough guy. He should have a great future here."

The coaching staff is extremely high on Solomon and rightfully so. If he is able to come in and adjust to the change in speed and ability, it will be hard not to start Solomon.

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