Peters addition has no downside

Arizona has added Zach Peters and there seems to be fixed feelings about it. Read on to see why the addition of Peters does not have a lot of downside, could turn out to be big for Arizona, and more.

When news came out that former Kansas forward Zach Peters is headed to Arizona, it began a debate between a fan base that was generally split.

On one side, you have the Arizona fans who feel that Peters' health is a big concern and it is a risk that Arizona is willing to add him to the roster.

On the other, you have fans that feel that since Peters has been cleared, it makes sense for Arizona to take a 6-foot-10 player that will not only help in practice, but likely contribute in games as well.

In reality, there shouldn't be much of a debate. The downside of bringing in a player like Peters is minimal. Are the injuries a concern? Sure they are. Was he cleared by numerous medical personnel and deemed ready to play? Sure he was.

Peters is likely not going to be asked to join Arizona to play 30 minutes off the bat and be right in the thick of the rotation and he knows that. Instead, Peters is going to act as more of a role player this season with the hope that his role will grow by the end of it, as well as next year.

It was never a secret that Arizona was looking for a transfer and when you consider that the front court consists of Aaron Gordon, Brandon Ashley, and Kaleb Tarczewski, it is hard to expect that the Wildcats were going to land a top guy to step in and be behind those players.

That's not only the reality of Arizona's roster as it is now, but the reality of college basketball as a whole. However, Peters has a fantastic opportunity here. If he comes in and is effective, he will have a major opportunity to fight for a starting job two years from now.

If the opposite happens and he is not able to be effective, what is the issue? There's little risk adding a talented player to fill a roster spot left by a guy who only contributed two points and two rebounds per game or a freshman that only averaged five points and three rebounds.

If Peters doesn't pan out for some reason, it won't be the end of Arizona basketball. If he gets hurt and injuries wind up being a concern again, it doesn't mean he is going to waste a scholarship or anything of the sort.

Peters is going to come in trying to establish a role and while there is a ton of unknown factors about his contributions going forward, the one thing we do know is that he will be the best shooting big Arizona has on the roster.

Yes, Brandon Ashley can shoot. However, Peters has legitimate range to the three-point line and with some fans skeptical about Arizona's shooting with Jerrett's departure, this addition makes even more sense.

Another factor that is not being talked about a lot is that Tarczewski will now have a player his size that he can go up against each practice.

There truly is not a lot of downside here. If it works out, Arizona is much better for it. If not, the Wildcats will be able to recover quickly and it will seem as if nothing negative ever happened.

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