Addae excited to join Arizona staff

Jahmile Addae has know the majority of the Arizona coaches for quite a while now. Read on for his thoughts on Rich Rodriguez, why he came to Arizona, and more.

One look at Jahmile Addae's history and you realize that his arrival to Arizona as the Operations Coordinator is meant to be.

"I played for Coach Rod at West Virginia and Calvin Magee recruited me out of Riverview High School in Tampa," Addae said. "We have some commonality there because Calvin coached high school ball in that area for some time, so he had knowledge of me.

"When he got on at USF, he had recruited me there and when he took the job at West Virginia, it was a pretty normal fit."

Addae was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of college and after playing for a handful of teams, saw his career cut short due to health issues.

Despite his time as a NFL player coming to an end, Calvin Magee was right there waiting for him in order to help Addae continue his football career in some capacity.

"I played for him at West Virginia and then I went off and played two years of pro ball," Addae said. "I have a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which kind of pulled me out of ball, so I got back into football by being a graduate assistant at West Virginia for him.

"Then I went over to Michigan in the same capacity and most recently at the University of Cincinnati and now back on the team here."

Although he may be biased in his assessment, Addae wanted to come to Arizona due in large part to the coaching staff and what it brings to the table.

"It has been a long, long time that I have known these guys," Addae said. "I like to say that I grew up under them, being with them since I was 16 all the way up to basically now. It is a great group of guys. I am biased in saying it, but Coach Rod, obviously I believe in him, what he does, and his system.

"Also what he brings to the table and what we have to offer here to athletes. It was a no-brainer jumping on board and being able to contribute."

Addae is able to help the football staff in numerous ways, but most of it revolves around dealing with video and helping the coaching staff prepare.

"By title, basically I am coordinator of operations," he said. "More so, I do administrative tasks that are handed down to me by Jeff Casteel, Calvin Magee, and then everyone falls under Rich. Basically I am a jack of all trades, handling the dirty work and trying to make sure I can contribute in any way possible. It is basically inputting film and breaking down games that has been my role so far."

There is a good chance that the NCAA will finalize a rule that would allow members of the staff like Addae to recruit, which is something that he is greatly looking forward to.

"Recruiting is exciting for me," Addae said. "Some people get the thrill of making a play themselves and some coaches get it from making a call or a big stop on fourth down, but for me that thrill has always been finding that diamond in the rough and being the first to get on him and being relentless in the pursuit.

"I enjoy recruiting. I am a younger guy, so I am closer in age to a lot of these guys. It has been something that has kind of come naturally to me, being able to befriend the guys as well as educate them on the process."

One of the main aspects that Addae enjoys about being able to recruit is that he can help guide the players to make the right decisions.

"I help them to be able to see through the smoke screens," he said. "As a recruit, everybody is going to tell a kid what he wants to hear, but it is for him to look into a program and the hard facts and be able to split the pretenders with the contenders. I think I was able to do that and hopefully I will be able to do that at some point at the University of Arizona.

"I have a good story to tell myself. We preach family and it is obvious it is not a lie. Everyone here has been together for some time and my story is a testament to how Rich runs not only his team, but the program. Should the legislation turn my way, it would be an exciting time."

Addae is obviously not the only person to be drawn to Rodriguez and is quick to answer why he seems to have that type of personality.

"I think it is his transparency," Addae said. "He is who he is at all times and I think people respect that. On top of that, he has core values that I think not only a recruit, but every parent wants their child to be a part of. Sending your child off is a big commitment to a program and whoever you put in trust in taking care of him.

"I think he does a good job allowing recruits and their parents to see what it is that he brings to the table, to see what it is they are facing, and show them how he can get them through it. They can see he is not just a figure you see on T.V. or read about, but a person.

"He is very open and honest and that is probably what people can respect the most. I can talk for days on Rich and why people are attracted and drawn to him, but it comes down to being honest, caring about his players, and his relentless pursuit to perfection."

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