Green ready to compete

Zachary Green is all set to head to Arizona. Read on for a closer look at what he is doing to prepare, when he will be on campus, and more.

The Arizona Wildcats surprised many people with the success they found in the backfield a season ago.

Ka'Deem Carey led the nation in rushing, prompting him to receive the first Heisman vote in Arizona history.

The running success shouldn't stop there. Even with the departure of backup Daniel Jenkins in the offseason, the Wildcats are bringing in a downhill, power running back in Zachary Green.

The high school senior is set to head into training camp and compete for the backup position behind Carey. However, Green isn't stopping there, as he wants to push himself and compete for the starting spot.

"It's rare that you go into a program with a Heisman candidate as the starting running back," Green said. "I'm looking forward to the competition for me and it will teach me how to stay humble and continue to work hard.

"I'm going there to try and win that position. I'm not backing down from anyone. "

Even though Green expects to learn plenty from his coach and predecessor, he also knows that he is bringing a different running style to the offense.

Instead of being a shifty back, he prefers to run straight up the middle and through defenders.

"I hope to learn a lot from Ka'Deem and Coach (Calvin Magee)," Green said. "I want them to teach me about the system they use.

"I'm not Ka'Deem and I'm not Pierre Cormier. I'm Zach Green. I bring my own style and I can't wait to add my punishing downhill running game to the offense."

Before the running back gets on campus, there is one main thing that he would like to work on: his skills as a leader. Green wants to be a role model and one of the leaders on the team.

"I need to work on my leadership skills," Green said. "When I get in there, I just want to have that aura around me that I'm one of the leaders on the team. I'm not going to back down to anyone. I want to go there and start and bring my positive energy to the team."

With less than a month left of high school, the future Arizona running back has been hard at work getting ready to become a Wildcat. He has been focusing on school work and working out with the official Arizona training manual.

"The Arizona workouts are getting me straight," Green said. "It's so intense that it's almost ridiculous. I have friends with other workout books from other schools and nothing comes close to what Arizona has given me. I have seen great results in my body and my conditioning.

"The amount of running is the biggest difference. The weight lifting is pretty much the same, but it is a little more complex with the names, reps, and percentage. The running you have to do way more than any other college handbook that I've ever seen from my friends that go to Washington and USC."

Green believes that the running portion of the workouts is intense because of the offense that Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez runs.

Whether it is sprinting between drills at practices or running the two-minute offense in games, speed is something that intrigues Green.

"The speed of the offense definitely excites me," he said. "There's going to be more than one threat on the team. It's going to be the quarterback, whoever that is this coming season, me, Ka'Deem, and I can't wait to get out there and compete."

There is still speculation as to who could join Green in the backfield at the quarterback position. The only returning quarterback to play last season, B.J. Denker, is the current leader, but one of Green's friends could win the starting spot in the fall.

"I don't have a preference about who is our quarterback," he said. "Whoever can get us the W should be in there. I'm friends with Anu Solomon, so I can't wait to see how he does and the competition there.

"I want the best player at the position to be our starting quarterback. Whoever wins the job, I'm happy to play next to them. If it's Anu, then it's even better."

When all is said and done with his high school career, the running back will head to Tucson and start his college career. The process of switching from one school to the other is one of the things Green is looking forward to most.

"I'm really looking forward to the college lifestyle," he said. "Every kid in America that is going to a Division-I school is just waiting to get to campus. It's the next big step in our lives and I'm not just doing it for football, but I'm doing it for an education as well.

"I just can't wait to get down there and go to school and play that first game in front of all those fans down at Arizona."

There won't be any time for Green to rest in between his high school graduation and his first college class. In fact, he will only have the length of a car ride between the two.

"I am reporting to Tucson on June 2nd," Green said. "I am graduating June 1st and that night that I leave the stage with my cap and gown, I'm going to be in the car headed to Tucson. The very next day is camp."

Over the weekend, the incoming freshman got the chance to talk to the coaches and pick his roommate. He chose a defensive player that he was familiar with and who he has spent time getting to know over the past few months.

"We got to choose our roommates this past weekend and I chose David Price from Long Beach Poly," Green said. "I have been talking to him via text and we get along really well because we were in the all-star game together. We are really close and it makes it more exciting to get down there."

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