Alsadek shaping up

Jacob Alsadek will report to Arizona in the middle of June. Read on to find out what he is doing in the meantime and how a visit in the spring helped him prepare for his future.

One of the earliest commitments in the 2013 recruiting class was offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek. His verbal commitment was solid and when his Letter of Intent was received, he officially became a member of the Arizona football team.

Since Signing Day, the offensive tackle has been hard at work preparing for his career with the Wildcats.

One of the major goals for all incoming players is to work with the strength and conditioning handbook sent out by the Arizona coaches.

Alsadek does those drills and adds a few extra in order to make sure he is prepared for his time in the desert.

"I do the lifting and conditioning from the Arizona workout book and then I add my own agility drills at the end," Alsadek said. "The extra conditioning is going to help me because it is not as hot here as it is there. I'm striving to work out harder and get in good shape."

The conditioning portion of the workouts is intended to get players in shape for the no-huddle offense run by Rich Rodriguez.

With the quickness that the offense operates at, the coaches need the offensive linemen to be slimmer and fitter in order to move down the field.

"I'm really focusing on getting bigger and stronger for when I get down there," he said. "I'm weighing 323 right now, down from 337, and I'm just trying to get my body ready for them to mold me for when I get down there. I know they want me at 310 or 315 and they're going to build me from there."

In addition to the workouts, Alsadek has been busy trying to get his paperwork in order. Scholarship athletes need to be cleared by the NCAA before accepting tuition for schooling. The incoming freshman just needs to send his paperwork and transcripts in to be finalized.

"I've got some paperwork left to send to the NCAA Clearinghouse," he said. "It's just paperwork and waiting on my final transcript. I'm all set with testing because I got a really high score on my ACT last year."

Part of the workouts that Alsadek does throughout the week includes position specific drills that he adjusts himself. He has been to an Arizona practice and observed how the offensive linemen progress throughout the play, which gave him more ideas of what to work on.

"I've been working coming off the ball lower and faster," Alsadek said. "I add a blocking aspect to my own agility drills. I try to make so that every time I start running, I'm coming out of my stance.

"I've also been working on some work with my hands, but being lower is my main priority. I was at a spring practice for Arizona and their big guys got really low, so it made me realize I need to work on that."

When he made the unofficial visit to Tucson earlier in the spring, Alsadek took a short plane ride from San Diego. It may have been the first leg of the day he spent on campus, but it was one of the most intriguing aspects for him.

"The greatest thing about going to Arizona was that the flight was 45 minutes and the airport was right down the street from the school," Alsadek said. "That means if I ever went home, it would only take me about an hour and 45 minutes to get there. That makes it easier to come down and know that I'm not really as far from home as it seems."

While on campus, the high school senior took in the sights, visiting the student union and walking around the mall area. Alsadek also spent time talking with the coaches, where he learned that he may have a shot to start in the fall.

"I got to catch up with some of the coaches when I was down there and we talked very briefly about whether or not I would redshirt," Alsadek said. "They want me to compete for the starting point at guard and tackle in the fall.

"I would prefer to be a tackle because I like being out there on the edge and being able to do my own thing. There's way more that you can do in terms of head games and tricking the opponents as a tackle."

After seeing the campus, he headed to watch the team practice. While Alsadek was prepared for the speed of the drills, it was still a shock to see how tired players were after it ended.

"I saw one of the quick hour-long practices," he said. "It was really fun, but some of the players looked like they were dying from being tired. That made me want to work on my conditioning a little harder."

Alsadek has been passionate about football for as long as he can remember. The past few months since the end of his senior season is the longest that he has gone without the game for years.

Seeing his future team practice made him want to get to campus that much more.

"Watching the practice made me really excited and I just knew that was going to be me out there in a few months," he said. "I miss football a lot right now, and I just can't wait to get back out there and play again."

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