Lee getting anxious

2013 running back Mauriece Lee has had a change in plans, but is still closer to hopefully reporting to campus. Read on for the details and more.

Tempe Marcos de Niza running back Mauriece Lee is getting anxious to get to Arizona, but it appears he may have to wait a bit longer.

"I'm just trying to hurry up and get there," Lee said. "I'm excited to go down and start summer classes. The faster I get down there, the faster I can work on getting on the field and getting started playing. I was supposed to report June 2nd, but I have to take my ACT again so I have to report 23rd."

In the meantime, Lee has been working hard getting his body prepared for football at the next level. He follows the Arizona guidelines for strength training, but also does extra workouts as well.

"I've been doing the U of A workouts and I've also been working out with my personal trainer," he said. "They're pretty similar, but with my personal trainer, I just do as much as I can as far as weight and reps. He's also there to help with direction in the workouts. It really helps to have some things explained."

Lifting weights and eating healthy is something that Lee has been doing for the past few years as he was growing into his body and trying to play football at the highest level.

However, the speed of practices and games with Arizona has him doing extra in terms of conditioning.

"Sometime I'll just go out of my house and run for a little bit," her said. "I always do my workouts at LA Fitness and I try to get on the treadmill there twice a week. I do it in between some of my lifting."

When the day comes for Lee to enroll with the Wildcats, he is just looking forward to the differences between high school and college.

One of his first stops during the summer is going to be the weight room.

"I'm mostly excited to get down to Tucson for the workouts," Lee said. "I just want to get on the field and play football. I want to get a feel for the difference between that game and high school football. I'm excited about the transition."

With the grade issue, Lee has kept in constant communication with his future coaches. They discuss everything from his transcripts, to where he is going to be on the field this season.

"I talk to the coaches just about every week," Lee said. "We're just trying to get things situated with transcripts and paperwork.

"They just want me to get out there and work hard. The motto of the team is to work hard. If I do what I need to do on the field and in the classroom, I know I can be successful."

Things have also changed on the coaching end for Lee. After bonding with Assistant Coach Tony Gibson, the incoming freshman had to say goodbye when Gibson left Arizona for a job at West Virginia. It shook things up for Lee, but the other coaches have replaced Gibson to soothe the running back.

"It was upsetting to me that (Gibson) left to coach at West Virginia, but I know that he had to do what was best for him," Lee said. "He was my lead recruiter and was the coach that offered me my scholarship at Arizona.

"It's crazy to think about it because I figured I would have the best relationship with him once I got down there, compared to the other coaches, but I've gotten along with them great too."

Lee isn't the only football player coming from Marcos de Niza to a Division-I school this season either. Highly-touted safety Priest Willis signed to play at UCLA this coming season, which has the running back revved up to play against his former teammate.

"I'm really looking forward to play against UCLA because they just got Priest Willis," Lee said. "He was my teammate for the last couple of years. They also have a few others of my friends on their team.

"We talk stuff to each other every once in a while, but not too much. It's still friendly right now."

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