Miller continues to examine roster

Arizona's roster may be set going into next season. Read on for Miller's take on possibly adding another. Zach Peters, and more

Although Arizona recently added Zach Peters, there continues to be speculation as to whether or not the Wildcats will add another.

During Friday's press conference, Arizona coach Sean Miller says that he would have to be careful if he was to make the decision to add another player.

"For us to carry 13 scholarship players isn't as smart now as it once was," Miller said. "When you have a number of different people that are looking to do things, carrying less is probably more healthy for a program, so that you can deliver on those expectations and at the same time you can still be very honest and forthright in the recruiting, so that everybody understands it is a competitive environment and that everybody can be judged by the same standards.

"Just because you have the number 13, I don't know if that's as important as it once was. To me it's more intelligent that anyone you add to your program has to be a contributor and there has to be a reason you do it. You don't want to just fill in the scholarship void to add depth. That's not going to work because that person you're talking about will end up leaving for sure."

Miller will not completely rule out adding another transfer, but it has to be the right fit for the program.

"There's a chance there will be 50-75 more transfers this summer from across the country," Miller said. "If that happens and the right one would be there, then certainly we have an available scholarship. But I'm not necessarily looking at this point. I feel good about who we have returning and I'm excited about the ones that will be here as part our future."

The addition of Peters makes Miller's roster management a bit easier, as the Arizona head coach says that he is excited about the 6-foot-11 big man.

"I'm excited to add Zach," Miller said. "We didn't know much about Zach a month or two ago and that was because we had things in place. When Grant declared and Angelo decided to leave, obviously from a depth perspective we looked around and said, `Is there someone out there that can fill that void and be a part of what we're trying to accomplish here?' We're very fortunate."

Adding Peters may not have happened if it was not for the way the Grant Jerrett and Angelo Chol situation played out.

"Timing is everything and in this case it really worked out," Miller said. "Zach Peters is someone Kansas recruited and got hit with a number of early injuries and I think any freshmen who deal with that many injuries in a short period of time, you can see why he moved on to be healthy.

"Now that he's healthy, he gained, in his mind, that thirst to be a college basketball player and it just so happened that the timing of that coincided with us and we couldn't have added a more quality player for what we need."

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