Miller remains supportive of Jerrett, Chol

Arizona basketball has seen some movement in the off-season. Read on for Sean Miller's thoughts on Grant Jerrett, Angelo Chol, and more.

College basketball coaches each handle transfers differently. Some may encourage them, others may look down on them, and some have reactions in between.

Arizona head coach Sean Miller has seen Grant Jerrett declare for the NBA and Angelo Chol transfer to San Diego State.

In the case of Jerrett, Miller admits that the decision to declare for the NBA initially came as a surprise to him.

"Initially I was surprised, but that's all part of it when you recruit a very talented young player," Miller said. "Each of those guys has their own goals and information that is out there is sometimes more or less relevant to them."

Miller believes that Jerrett has the talent to succeed in the NBA and would like to see him climb up the draft charts.

"In Grant's perspective, he felt he was ready to make that climb to be an NBA player," he said. "I have no doubt he has the talent to do it. My goal now is for him to become the highest pick that he possibly can become."

In addition, Miller feels that Jerrett has a higher chance of success because his game will be able to translate well to the NBA.

"A lot of it will depend on how he performs from this point forward," Miller said. "One thing that Grant has to his advantage is he has a true position. He can play the four. He's a very skilled, he's long and his best basketball is ahead of him for sure."

As far as Chol goes, Miller expressed disappointment in his transfer, but also understands the reasoning behind the move.

"I would like to keep all of our guys here for four years," Miller said. "That's the goal when we recruit them, to keep them with us as long as we can unless they're a first round pick.

"But Angelo, in the first two years he didn't play a whole lot and as he looked forward the future he still saw himself in a crowd. He's going to a program where maybe he has an opportunity to start and play the whole game."

There are over 400 players transferring this year and that number is certain to grow. From Miller's perspective, honestly plays a big role in getting those players to stay at their respective schools.

"From our perspective we're trying to find a solution to it," he said. "You have to make sure the expectations of the young person or family are a reality to what we have for them here at Arizona.

"The quest of recruiting good people, who want a college degree, who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, that will not change. It's just that it's very fluid."

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