Cormier ready for next chapter

Pierre Cormier is ready to get to Arizona. Read on to see what he has been working on, his thoughts on competition, and more.

After his first year in the desert, Head Coach Rich Rodriguez decided that he needed to create much-needed depth at the running back position.

The Wildcats were carried by sophomore KaDeem Carey, who led the nation in rushing, but had little production behind him.

Thus, it is no surprise that one of the prized recruits for the 2013 class is a running back. San Diego Madison running back Pierre Cormier signed with the Wildcats in February and has been anxiously waiting to get to campus ever since.

"I've been trying to finish up the school year strong, getting good grades in the classroom," Cormier said. "I'm trying to get myself prepared mentally to go down to Tucson and start a new chapter of my life."

For the past few years, Cormier ran track in the spring as a way to maintain his conditioning in the off-season and this year was no different.

"I've been running track in the spring," he said. "I run the 100-meter and the 4-by-100 meter events. Our 4-by-100 team made it to the finals, but that's all I really do."

Playing another sport can often get in the way of preparation that athletes are suggested to do in order to adjust easily to the college level.

Cormier admits that he doesn't get to his Arizona workouts as often as he would like to, but is still working towards being ready in the fall.

"Track has interfered with my workouts a little bit, but not too much," he said. "I have my track workouts and other stuff at school. Hopefully, I can get down there and started as soon as possible and won't get too far behind."

Even with the slight setback in his strength and conditioning routine, the running back has seen exercises similar to what Arizona requires before.

He has done most of the drills before with his high school team, but needs to add a little extra for the Wildcats.

"The workouts are pretty much the same as what I've been doing," Cormier said. "Arizona's drills just have that little extra step that makes them better than what I've been doing the last four years.

"There will be some adjusting for me once I'm done with track, but I've been doing that all throughout high school so it shouldn't be too bad."

The high school senior had to miss the Wildcats' spring game because he was taking his SAT test. He had taken it once before, but needs to raise one of his scores for entrance to the University of Arizona.

"I took my SATs awhile back and I needed to go up sixty points," he said. "I get those scores back in a few weeks, so I guess I'll see how it works out then. I'm almost a 100-percent sure my grades went up past where they need to be."

Besides the testing, Cormier is all set to get down to campus and meet with his new team. He will take classes starting at the end of June with one of his best friends, Lee Walker.

"My report date to Tucson is June 23rd, but I'm going to try to get down there earlier, if possible," Cormier said. "I'm going to be rooming with Lee Walker, who's a teammate of mine here at school.

"We though that it might happen that way because we already knew each other. We wanted to take our bond from high school with us to college. When we were asked about roommates, he was my first choice and I was his."

When Cormier does get on campus, he wants to hit the ground running. He will be competing for playing time with Carey, Daniel Jenkins, Zachary Green, and others.

"I'm not really expecting a role just yet," Cormier said. "I still have to come in and work hard and earn my spot. I think I'm going to get every opportunity to show what I can do, but all that's on me to show how hard I've worked. Hopefully, that shows that I'm ready to play."

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