Position battle: Wide receiver

Arizona has plenty of talent at wide receiver, but there is still room for others to step up. Read on to see which receivers will have a chance to make an impact and more.

With Austin Hill's injury, there are going to be a handful of receivers fighting for more playing time and there will also be plenty of opportunity. We are going to assume that Johnny Jackson, Terrence Miller, and David Richards have a decent hold on getting playing time. However, it is a bit open beyond that, so here is a look at the candidates.

Jarrell Bennett: Bennett redshirted last year and the word is that he still has a ways to go before he can consistently contribute. With Arizona having plenty of talent at receiver, this is going to be a big summer for Bennett. The redshirt season made sense because it allowed Bennett to get in better shape and ready for this upcoming season. He has the speed, but needs to work on his hands and route running. We will know a lot more about Bennett's chances after this summer, but there are currently a handful of guys ahead of him.

Clive Georges: Georges had no choice but to redshirt last season because he was just not physically ready to contribute. He is still a little skinny, but the weight that Georges put on will do wonders for him, especially considering that he did not lose his speed. In fact, his speed is the key here. Georges is one of the fastest guys on the team and figuring he can consistently catch the ball, Rich Rodriguez is likely to find a role for him. Georges is one of our sleepers to contribute next season because of his speed, so he is a guy to keep a close eye on as the summer approaches.

Trey Griffey: We would not call Griffey slow, but there are faster guys on the team. However, he was one of the most consistent receivers that we saw throughout the spring. Griffey runs strong routes and has good hands, making him a solid receiver. From what we saw, we like Griffey as a type of possession receiver and out of the young guys he is probably the most likely to contribute. The coaching staff has had nothing but positive things to say about him and at times he has run with the first team. That does not mean much until the games starts, but it is a good sign for Griffey moving forward.

Tyler Slavin: Slavin is an enigma of sorts because he has a large amount of talent, but has struggled to put it together. He had a five reception game against Oregon State and caught the winning touchdown pass in the New Mexico bowl. Slavin is frustrating to watch because you know that he is capable but for whatever reason, he just has not put it together yet. This is his best opportunity yet because if he puts it all together, the playing time is going to be there. We won't know what Slavin is going to do until he plays, which makes him a gamble. However, the reward here may be bigger than the risk, especially if he plays to his capabilities.

Garic Wharton: Wharton battled some inconsistency last season, but also showed glimpses of the talent that can eventually help him become a dangerous receiver. He averaged nearly 14 yards per catch and had 19 total receptions. There should be a jump in that number this season because there is little reason why he should not see more time. Wharton has the presence to be Arizona's deep threat, but he is going to have to keep improving his technique and route running ability. We think he should be able to do that and, figuring he does, Wharton could be in line for a breakout season.

Davonte' Neal: If Neal is eligible this season, he is going to play and do so plenty. He has the speed, ability, and fits what Arizona wants in a receiver. There is a reason Arizona wants him to get his waiver and that is because the coaching staff feels he can be a major difference maker as soon as he steps on the field.

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