Plenty of pressure on Gordon

It may not seem like Aaron Gordon has something to prove, but he does. Read on to see what that is, what it means if he is able to prove it, and more.

There are numerous Arizona basketball players that will be expected to improve from last season. Nick Johnson will likely be asked to be a more vocal leader and more consistent offensively. Kaleb Tarczewski will be a player that many are watching in order to see if he makes that normal freshman to sophomore jump.

Those aren't the only two, but examples of the kind of improvement and expectations that Arizona fans will have heading into next season.

However, you can make a legitimate argument that no player will have higher expectations placed upon him and more to prove than Aaron Gordon.

Of course, Gordon has not stepped foot on a college basketball court yet, but that does not mean much in the overall picture. He will be expected to come in and start at the small forward position and it seemingly will be a disappointment if he cannot come in and play 30 minutes per game right off the bat.

Gordon is ranked by every recruiting service as a power forward and most people that have seen him feel that it is his more natural position. However, Gordon is out to prove people wrong and his training has been with the purpose that he is going to play at the three on the next level.

"As of right now I plan on playing on the wing full time," Gordon recently said. "There will obviously be some times where I've got to go down in the post and go to work, but the plan is for me to play on the perimeter, which makes sense when you have players like Brandon and Kaleb in the low post.

"A lot of my training has been done with that in mind. I've always been able to dribble pretty well, so I've continued to work on that along with becoming a more consistent shooter."

When Gordon was added to the class, Miller was quick not only to point to his skills, but to the fact that he is a winner.

"We are excited to welcome Aaron Gordon into our basketball family," said Miller. "Aaron is the ultimate winner. He has won multiple California state championships, which speaks for itself. He is also a great teammate, incredibly unselfish, and a relentless competitor."

Gordon has won two state titles, a FIBA Americas U-16 title, and more. Not many have doubted Gordon, but those that have made that mistake have been proven wrong numerous times.

You wouldn't think that a player that has those accolades would have the mindset that he needs to prove people wrong, but he does. It's really an intriguing situation for Gordon because if he fails at small forward, people are going to say it was expected. If he succeeds, Gordon just cements himself as a top-ten draft pick and a prospect that continues to grow as a player.

There are numerous players in college basketball that have pressure on them, all for varying reasons. Gordon is another one of them and if he is able to prove most wrong and succeed at the small forward position, Arizona is going to be happy and the opposition not so much.

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