Pangos All-American Camp: Evaluations

We saw numerous Arizona prospects in action this past weekend. Read on to see how players from three different classes performed.

The Pangos All-American Camp is complete and we had the opportunity to see numerous Arizona prospects in action. Here is a breakdown of the players that we were able to see throughout the weekend.


Stanley Johnson: Johnson won the MVP of Pangos and it made sense, as there weren't many, if any, players better than him. At this point, there also aren't many players in the entire country that are better than him. He keeps improving in every aspect of the game, whether it is taking it to the basket or shooting from three. Johnson is almost impossible to guard at this point because he can do so many things well.

Craig Victor: Before this weekend, we had not seen Victor in a while, but we definitely like what we saw the past few days. He has improved his motor a ton and ran the court very well. Victor tried to show range from three, but that really is not his game. He was much more effective inside the arc and was dominant on the glass at times. Victor is at his best around the basket, but can take his man off the dribble as well.

Emmanuel Mudiay: Mudiay was easily one of the best players in attendance and continues to solidify himself as one of the five best in the country. He changes his speed with ease, which makes him extremely difficult to guard because you really do not know what pace he is going to go at. In addition, Mudiay uses his size effectively and basically gets to the basket whenever he wants. If there is an opening, Mudiay is going to take it and do so with ease.

Namon Wright: Wright did not have a great shooting weekend, but he was very effective at beating his man off the dribble. He showed a strong ability to use his body to shield his defender and get to the hoop. In addition, Wright was strong in the other aspects of the game and showed himself to be a well-rounded player. You also have to give credit to him for his effort, as a lot of guys will not put forth the type that he did in each game.

Rashad Vaughn: Vaughn is one of the best scorers in the class and his skills were on display all weekend. He was not as aggressive as he should have been, but was able to get to the basket with relative ease when he was. In addition, Vaughn showed deep range and hit from mid-range as well. He may not have done a ton else this weekend, but Vaughn's scoring ability makes him one of the best players in the country.

Thomas Welsh: Welsh is absolutely being under recruited right now and we would expect Pac-12 schools to pick it up, including Arizona. He has fantastic hands for a big and we aren't sure we saw him bobble a ball once. He also was strong around the hoop, rebounded the ball very well, and blocked shots. The post class in the west for 2014 is weak and Welsh is definitely a legitimate option there.


Stephen Zimmerman: Zimmerman's effort is always admirable and that is not easy to do when you consider how big he is. That effort often pays off, as he is rewarded for running the court. Zimmerman can score in transition, around the basket, and can step out and hit a jumper with consistency and confidence. He is one of the best players in 2015 because of his ability to do just about everything and the fact that he is also a good defender as well. He had a few plays this weekend where he would block a shot and then come down and score on the other end, showing his ability to effect a game in numerous ways.

Isaiah Briscoe: Briscoe has a very mature frame, which allows him to dominate the game physically. He can score through contact and is difficult to guard because he is usually stronger than the player trying to contain him. His strength is getting to the basket and he does it so effectively that he really does not shoot a lot of jumpers. However, Briscoe is capable of hitting them and has a relatively well-rounded game.

Tyler Dorsey: It is natural to think that Dorsey is a shooting guard because his ability to score in numerous ways is fantastic. However, he has really come on as a point guard and handled it for his team throughout the weekend. He got to the basket at will and when he did not, Dorsey often drew the defense and found an open teammate. If he continues to improve as a point guard, we will have no arguments with him saying that is his preferred position, because he can really play both.

Elijah Thomas: This environment is not easy for a player of Thomas' size, but he did well with it. He played in spurts sometimes, so he would dominate and then disappear for a bit. When he did dominate, he did so by getting position under the basket and basically doing what he wanted. Thomas is very difficult to guard on the block and he keeps getting in better shape, which is only going to improve his game.

Chimezie Metu: Metu is extremely raw, which makes him difficult to evaluate. He has the tools to be a good defender and rebounder, but has a lot of work to do offensively. Metu tends to drift a bit with his effort but, when he plays hard, he can affect the game in numerous ways. At this point, he is more of a player to watch than anything, but it would not surprise us to see him continue to improve as a prospect.

Chase Jeter: Jeter is a very smart player when he gets in the post. He is not very athletic and seems a bit stiff at times, but he is effective on the block and rebounding as well. Jeter has grown in the past year and there is a good chance that will continue to happen. If he picks the right system, he will likely be effective in college and is one of the best post prospects in the west for 2015.


Vance Jackson: Jackson had a solid weekend and is able to do numerous things well. He runs the court effectively and has a nice jumper. When he gets going, Jackson has fantastic range and his shot seems to come naturally. He has solid ball skills and had no difficulty attacking in the open court or playing in a half court set the few times the opportunity arose. Jackson is an intriguing prospect and it makes sense that Arizona is recruiting him.

Leland Green: Green is intriguing because he can probably play both guard positions right now. He showed no fear going against more highly regarded prospects and got to the basket effectively. He showed the ball control of a point guard, but the scoring knack of a shooting guard as well. Green is young and is likely only going to get better, so he is definitely one of the most intriguing players we have seen in the class.

Jayce Johnson: Johnson has improved a lot since the end of the high school season and he attributes much of it to simply working harder. He is playing with more confidence, which makes a big difference, and also seems stronger. Johnson showed good skills around the basket and was aggressive throughout the weekend. He will definitely be a prospect to keep an eye on, especially if he keeps improving.

Thon Maker: Maker is a complete freak in that guys his size really shouldn't be able to run the court like he can. In fact, he would probably be better suited sticking in the paint, but he is young, which makes it excusable. Maker has a decent jump shot and showed range to about 15 feet. He is very good at finishing around the basket and plays hard each time out.

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