Holders staying interested

Alijah Holder and his twin brother, Mikah, hold offers from Arizona. Read on to find out about their spring, where the Wildcats stand, and more.

The Arizona Wildcats were the second school to extend scholarship offers to Oceanside (Calif.) cornerback Alijah Holder and receiver Mikah Holder. The twin brothers are not a package deal, but prefer playing alongside each other.

Recently, the brothers took a few months off from the gridiron and have been focusing on track, where they have also found some success.

"I've been doing pretty good over the spring," Alijah Holder said. "I just finished track and I'm about to start my spring ball.

"I ran the 4 x 100 and the long jump. I was sixth overall in the long jump for the CIF, but our team got disqualified in the relay due to a baton issue. My brother placed fourth overall in the high jump."

While there has not been much discussion on whether the brothers would be able to participate in track and field at the collegiate level, it is something that Alijah is open to.

"Football takes up the whole schedule sometimes, but if there's a situation where I can do both, that would be great," he said. "I like track and it does help with speed and conditioning, so it could be cool to do both at the college level."

On the football side of things, both players have started to garner more interest from multiple colleges. They expect to see their recruitment pick up once more coaches get to see them play.

"Our recruitment is going pretty good," Alijah said. "We expect some coaches to be stopping by now that we are finally getting to spring ball."

The brothers have begun piling up offers. Their latest offer came from the Ivy League, which has intrigued their curiosity, due to one of the major details they are looking for in a school.

"We really like most of the schools that offered us," Holder said. "Yale is the latest to offer us and that's great because it offers a great education and having a Yale degree would be pretty powerful.

"Life after college is a big thing for us. We're looking for the best place that's going to offer us a good jump on how we look as people and as college graduates in our life after college."

Besides life after college, Alijah is also looking for a place where he can feel comfortable for the four years it takes to get his degree.

"I'm personally looking for a place that I am going to have fun and enjoy being there," Alijah said. "I want to get along with my teammates and the other people around campus. I really just want to go somewhere that I can bond with people and have a good time."

One of the leaders for the twins' services is Arizona. The Wildcats have put themselves in good position, due to the fact that they offered early and maintain regular contact with the high school seniors.

"Our relationship with Arizona is really good," Holder said. "We talk to them as much as they are allowed.

"It is mostly just regular stuff that we talk about. The coach asks about how school is and anything new that we've been up to. He's a really friendly guy."

The Holders have taken a trip to Tucson and oth brothers came away from the visit with high interest in the atmosphere around the campus.

"We took a visit to Arizona a few months ago," he said. "It was nice to check out the campus and see everything that they had to offer.

"The weather is really nice down there, but the whole atmosphere is really nice, too. They're building a new addition to the stadium and it looks amazing. It's a great atmosphere for college."

While Alijah was quick to say that there wasn't a timetable for when a decision would be made, he also left the door open for the brothers to make an early commitment if the situation arose.

"There isn't a particular timetable for us right now," Holder said. "If we come across a school that we really like and that we've done our research on, then we will make our decision.

"If we are given a deadline for a decision then we may decide to make a choice early, but we haven't had that come up yet."

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