Deboskie high on Arizona

Kaelin Deboskie was recently offered by the University of Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on the scholarship offer, Arizona, and more.

Even with the addition of wide receiver Jordan Morgan over the weekend, the second in the class, the Arizona Wildcats may not be done with players for that position.

Tucson (Ariz.) Salpointe receiver Kaelin Deboskie already held offers from New Mexico State, West Virginia, Montana, Oklahoma State, and North Texas. On Saturday afternoon, he received an offer from his home town school.

"I'm really happy that I finally got offered by the University of Arizona," Deboskie said. "I have been waiting for one for a long time. I'm just very happy."

Deboskie had been waiting for the offer since he started playing football. Originally from Tucson, the receiver and his family moved to Texas, only to return to his hometown in January.

"It's an initial feeling of relief," he said. "This is my home town, my home city. Right now, everyone is saying that I'm a big fish in a small pond, but being in Tucson brings that much more excitement for the offer. I love being here in Tucson."

Growing up, Deboskie played side-by-side with his childhood best friend, Cameron Denson. Now, they still play together at Salpointe Catholic High School and Denson is already committed to the Wildcats. While it does help Arizona with Deboskie's recruitment, the high school senior is remaining open.

"I've played with (Denson) since Pop Warner," Deboskie said. "We are really close and I consider him like a cousin. We played with each other all of our lives until I had to leave. We're just double the trouble. Right now, I'm staying open, but I love playing with my cousin.

"Him being committed to Arizona definitely makes the pull there stronger, but I have to stay open right now. Don't get me wrong, I love Tucson and I'm happy to finally be back, but I have to keep myself open."

The rising senior is doing his best to look at all of his options. It is no secret that the Wildcats lead for the receiver, but Deboskie still wants to explore his options

"I just want to visit other colleges," he said. "When my brother was being recruited by Cal, he loved them the whole time. Even though he knew that it was where he wanted to be most, he still took his official visits just to see what the environment is like.

"You only get to pick one school and you have to live with that school for five years and then the rest of your life. I just want to get to experience different colleges because I only get to be at one of them."

Even though he has an offer, Deboskie is still vague on what his role would be with the Wildcats. He has talked to different coaches each time, but is willing to lay anywhere on the field.

"There are a bunch of coaches I talk to down at Arizona," he said. "They have each talked to me a few times, but I haven't talked to one specifically a lot.

"That's something I want to look into because I don't know who my position coach will be and I want to go somewhere where I can build a strong relationship with the receiving or running back coach. I'll play wherever Coach Rodriguez would want to put me."

In particular, besides Tucson being his hometown, there is one main reason that the receiver likes Arizona due to the game day environment.

"I love the environment at Arizona," he said. "I love the zoo. They don't call it the Zona Zoo for no reason. Whatever school I choose, I want to be a part of an environment where the fans love the players as much as themselves. They go crazy for the players at Arizona and I love that."

Over the next few months and into the fall, he will have plenty of opportunities to see the Arizona campus. His high school is less than a mile from the campus and Deboskie plans on taking advantage the lack of distance.

"This is my hometown, so I will definitely make some trips over there," Deboskie said. "I can go to every home game if I wanted to, so that's probably pretty much what I'm going to do."

Joining the Salpointe football team in January only allowed the receiver to practice with his teammates in the spring. Since Deboskie will be a senior in the fall, he plans on spending the summer bonding with his new friends.

"This summer, I plan on training," Deboskie said. "I want to work on team leadership because right now, I just have to show with my play. I want to be a leader on the field and have that team confidence.

"Hopefully, I can win the heart of my teammates so I can be vocal. I just want to train and build team camaraderie."

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