Arizona offers five-star guard

Arizona has offered five-star guard Rashad Vaughn. Read on to find out about his thoughts on the offer, a future visit to Tucson, and more.

As Arizona continues to evaluate and recruit the 2014 class, it now appears that the Wildcats have entered the sweepstakes for New Hope (Minn.) Robbinsdale Cooper shooting guard Rashad Vaughn.

"They have picked it up," his AAU coach Pete Kaffey said. "I have talked with Sean Miller a few times and he talked to Rashad and offered him a scholarship this week."

Vaughn is being recruited by basically every school in the country, but has maintained an open recruitment that has allowed Arizona to enter the picture.

"We don't know a lot of these schools obviously," Kaffey said. "There is a reason Rashad left his list kind of open, because he wants to make sure he is considering and looking at all of his options and making sure that if the west coast is somewhere he feels he can play his college ball, he wants to make sure he gives the west coast an opportunity."

As Vaughn looks at the schools recruiting him, Kaffey feels that the relationships with those schools will be the most important factor in his recruitment.

"Definitely you have to have a relationship with people," he said. "If you have a relationship with a person, you kind of know them and if their style fits your style and everything is at an individual level.

"Every school in America has the same type of opportunities academically. Some schools might be better than other schools with some things, but I think it comes down to relationships, style of play, things like that."

As it stands now, Kaffey and Vaughn are not thinking about taking visits any time soon. However, when the time comes, Arizona is in good shape for one.

"I think Arizona is in the running for a visit," Kaffey said. "We have talked about visiting Arizona. I am trying to make sure we get to one thing at a time. We have to be mindful to make sure we have Rashad a school next year.

"That is a big stress right now, but at the end of the day it is in our plans to get down to campus and see what they have to offer. I don't know if it is going to happen any time soon, but we will see after we find a school for Rashad.

"We are going to try to take a visit, especially if he has an AAU game in Las Vegas and is done playing or could stay later, we will visit Arizona because I know it is only an hour flying wise."

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