Frazier set to visit

Jabril Frazier currently holds an offer from Arizona and is planning a visit. Read on for information about his plans and more.

Arizona has been identifying numerous prospects in California and offering plenty of them.

One such prospect is Los Angeles Verbum Dei defensive end Jabril Frazier.

Frazier spent his spring talking to plenty of coaches and came out with four scholarship offers.

"My recruitment has been going pretty well," Frazier said. "I picked up a few offers this spring and it has been great for me so far.

"I got offered by Arizona, Northern Arizona, Utah, and San Diego State. I'm also hearing from San Jose State, Fresno State, and UCLA."

Frazier plans on taking visits to two of the schools that offered him in the spring. He has one visit set, but still has details to work out for the other.

"I plan on visiting Arizona and Utah this summer," he said. "I'll be down in Tucson on July 28th for the opening of their new facilities. I don't quite know when I am visiting Utah, but I am going to try to get over there as well."

His main connection in Tucson is the Wildcats' receivers coach, Tony Dews. Frazier talks to the coach regularly about topics from all ends of the spectrum.

"I talk to Tony Dews a lot from Arizona," Frazier said. "Last time, we talked about some normal stuff. We talked about finishing the year strong with finals and how I would fit in with the program at Arizona. We also talk quite a bit about academics as well."

The Wildcats would like to use Frazier in multiple ways, but it depends on how the high school senior's body reacted to the college weight training programs.

"He said that I could come to Arizona and be an outside linebacker or a defensive end because of my strength," Frazier said. "Once I get on the college weight lifting program, I should get up to about 260 pounds. He thinks I can be a dangerous defensive lineman or keep my speed and be a strong linebacker.

"I like both positions, so it really doesn't matter which one I play. I'm just going to play wherever I am needed at to help the team."

Now that Frazier is done with his school year, he plans on working out and heading to a few camps over the summer. His goal is to impress as many schools as possible in the process.

"I think my recruitment is going to pick up as far as scholarship offers go," he said. "I've been working my butt off and once I get to some camps over the summer, I think it will pick up. I'm going out there to make a name for myself and that's what makes me work harder."

When Frazier starts taking his visits in late July and into the fall, he will be looking for multiple things on campus. He wants to make sure that he is getting a good education, but needs to fit in with the football program as well.

"The first thing I want to look at is academics, because I am a student first," Frazier said. "After that, I am looking at the facilities and how the coaches accept me into the program and what my role on the team will be once I get there."

Frazier is staying open at the moment. The defensive end will wait until the end of the summer to start narrowing down his options.

"I don't have any leaders right now," he said. "I think everyone is just about in the same place. I should have a better idea after the summer, but I want to make my decision in the middle of my season or towards the end of the season."

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