Curtis speaks highly of Arizona visit

Natrell Curtis took an unofficial visit to the University of Arizona on Tuesday. Read on to see how his visit went, where Arizona stands, and more.

For some, the recruiting process is a quiet affair with recruits keeping their cards close to their vests.

For Phoenix Mountain Pointe offensive lineman Natrell Curtis, the process has been a bit more open.

Curtis took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to announce his arrival on the Arizona campus for an unofficial visit. He later tweeted that he was in love with the campus and after his visit, he confirmed those feelings.

"My day went really well," Curtis said. "I had a great visit. I just absolutely loved it over there."

While he was on campus, the 6-foot-4, 320-pound guard saw plenty of things he had seen before, but also got a closer look at Arizona's new facilities.

"I got to see some of the other things I have seen before around the campus, but today I got to take a look at the new facility," he said. "Everything kind of stood out. It was amazing. I really can't explain what was best because everything was great."

Curtis has created a strong bond with the coaches over the duration of his recruitment. While Tight End Coach Charlie Ragle is his lead recruiter, the high school senior was shown around by Recruting Coordinator Matt Dudek.

"Coach Matt Dudek showed me around today," Curtis said. "He's a really funny guy. I love him. He's a comedian and cracks me up.

"Normally, I talk to Coach Ragle and some of the other coaches. I've talked to all of them at one point, but today was fun with Dudek."

The bond between the recruit and the coaches proved to be beneficial during the visit. Curtis tweeted during the visit that the coaches were playing the song "Big Poppa" by Notorious B.I.G. on the loudspeakers. It has a special meaning to the guard.

"Ever since I was a baby, my family called me ‘Poppa'," Curtis said. "So, when I walked into a few of the rooms, they started playing that song and it was great. It was pretty funny, but it meant a lot."

With all the communication that he has been having with the Arizona coaches and other coaches around the country, Curtis has seen the Wildcats' staff stand out in a certain way.

"Most coaches will try to sell you a story or a dream about what you're going to be," he said. "They will just try to be salesmen.

"The Arizona coaches are different because they tell it like it is. They tell me that I have to come in and work hard and that nothing is given, only earned. I really like that about them."

When it comes to the Wildcats, there are plenty of things that Curtis likes about the program.

"I like the whole program," he said. "I like everything they are doing with turning it around. I like the facilities, the training program, the strength coaches. I just loved everything about it.

"They run the schemes that I like. Arizona runs the power and the zone read. When they get the ball, they just go. I love the O-line coach, too. He has helped put guys in the league. There's just a lot I like about Arizona."

Even though Curtis has over a dozen national offers, he has a special feeling about Arizona that he wants people to know more about.

"Not a lot of people know this, but I love Arizona," Curtis said. "Not many people know that, but they were up there near the top and after the visit, they are going to stay there.

"There's no one at the top of my list, but Arizona is right up there with a few other schools. If I had to make a top five, Arizona would definitely be in it."

The lineman previously told that he wanted to take his time and take his official visits before committing. On Tuesday, he gave a timetable that was much sooner

"I want to make a decision soon," Curtis said. "I want to try and decide before the season starts. I just want to be able to focus on my team when it comes to our season."

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