Recruiting Reset: Offensive guard

Arizona is in the running for numerous offensive guards and centers. Read on for a look at who the Wildcats have offered and where they stand with each.

Natrell Curtis: Curtis visited Arizona on Tuesday and it helped the Wildcats dramatically. Arizona was already actually doing a pretty decent job with Curtis, but he had yet to see the campus like he did on Tuesday. Curtis would not name a top five right now, but said that if he did, Arizona would be in. With Curtis now looking to make a decision this summer and the fact that he will be a father, there is a good chance that he will stay in-state. Originally, we would have said that would make ASU the favorite, but Arizona is now in the thick of things and doing well in the recruitment.

Kammy Delp: Delp has made no secret of the fact that he wants an offer from Oregon, UCLA, and USC and is going to go to camps and willing to be patient in order to get them. At this point, he does not have those offers and Arizona has a solid chance here. Of course, that could change if one of those offers comes, but Arizona is going to do all it can to make sure it is in good position whether that happens or not.

Jordan Austin: Austin is another player that wants the California offers, but does not have them. It would not be a surprise to see him get more offers down the road, but this one appears to now be between Arizona and Washington. Arizona is trying to get Austin on campus for the July 27 event and if not then, he will try to get to Tucson at some point this summer. Once that happens, the coaching staff will have a big opportunity and has to be considered one of the schools to beat for the big lineman.

Levi Walton: Arizona is Walton's biggest offer and he has previously said he will wait until the fall in order to visit. The Wildcats have to be considered the favorite because of the scope of the offer compared to the others and it will be interesting to see how much pressure is on Walton to commit should he visit as expected. There is always the chance that Walton's recruitment takes off, but even if it does we expect Arizona to be in good shape.

Michael Trani: Arizona and Cal are the two leaders in this one and both are doing a good job in the recruitment. Trani has had good things to say about both and the goal for Arizona is to get him on campus. The Arizona coaching staff has done a good job at La Mirada, but Trani wants to take his time with a decision. We expect Arizona to be right there throughout the recruitment, but Cal is doing well also and there is always the possibility more schools get involved.

Trenton Noller: It's interesting that neither Colorado school has offered Noller and while it is possible that will still happen, this recruitment seems to revolve around Arizona and Georgia Tech. Noller wants to visit both and will try to visit Arizona this summer. The Wildcats are doing well here and have to be considered one of the favorites, so this could be one to keep an eye on.

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