Two Wildcats set to be drafted

Solomon Hill and Grant Jerrett are likely to be drafted on Thursday. Read on for a projection and more.

Arizona has two players expected to go in Thursday's NBA Draft but, like the rest of the draft, their landing spot is a mystery.

The two main mock drafts that people generally look at are pretty far off in terms of where Solomon Hill and Grant Jerrett are going to go.

Chad Ford of has Jerrett going at 39 to the Portland Trail Blazers and Draft Express sees Jerrett being drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies at 55.

At this point, based on what we are hearing, it would be somewhat of a surprise if Jerrett went as high as 39. It is basically going to come down to how much stock teams are going to put in workouts.

Jerrett has struggled in numerous workouts and the early word is that a lot of that has to do with strength. However, he has also done well in a handful of others, especially with teams that are looking for a big man that can stretch the floor.

We do know that Portland is one of the teams that like Jerrett and there is also a thought by a team like the Spurs that they could draft Jerrett and basically stash him away until he is ready. Jerrett is the type of player that would be more likely to be successful if that happened, because he is probably not ready to play right away.

As far as Hill goes, he is projected by Ford to go to the Pistons at 56 and Draft Express has him going to the Blazers at 45. Hill was actually projected by Draft Express to go to the Pistons as well, but late word has Hill's stock rising.

Sources say that Hill has thrived in workouts and it would not be a surprise if he moved up draft boards and went higher than people think. The Pistons definitely like Hill and the general belief is that it would take him towards the end of the draft, but he may not be there.

Either way, it does appear that both Jerrett and Hill are going to get drafted. There should be some movement among numerous teams and that usually means there are surprises as well, but both players have done enough to earn a shot at the NBA.

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