Bushman down to three

Matt Bushman has his hometown school, Arizona, in his top three. Read on to find out which schools he is considering, where he recently visited, and more.

When Rich Rodriguez took over as Head Coach at the University of Arizona, he wanted to make the state of Arizona a recruiting priority.

Tucson Sabino tight end Matt Bushman has been a player that the Wildcats have kept a close eye on throughout his recruitment, though other schools are still in the mix for the 6-foot-5, 205-pounder.

"I'm actually in Utah right now," Bushman said. "I just got finished visiting BYU. It was a good trip.

"I have already seen the whole tour thing, so this time I was just trying to get a better feel for the coaches and the players."

BYU is one of three teams that the tight end has at the top of his list of schools.

"I would say that my top three are Arizona, BYU, and Utah," he said. "There's no real order there. Those are just the three I am most interested in."

Living in Tucson has given Bushman the opportunity to visit the Arizona campus whenever he wants. It is something that the recruit takes advantage of often.

"I've been to the U of A campus quite a few times," Bushman said. "It's pretty close and If I don't have plans on a weekend, I could always just head over there and still be back home at the end of the night."

With BYU's campus visit fresh on his mind, Bushman couldn't make out many differences between the Utah school and Arizona.

"Both campuses are pretty similar," he said. "Both have great environments and wonderful people. I really like both of them.

"Arizona has some new facilities that are being opened soon, but BYU has some pretty good ones, too. There's really not much of a difference."

Bushman enjoys that Arizona is close to home and admits that it has made the recruiting process smoother with the Wildcats.

"It's really easy to talk to the coaches at Arizona," he said. "They are only about twenty-five minutes away from my school, so they can come see my games any time they want to. It's just really easy to get in contact with them because they are so close."

The Arizona coaches have been keeping in constant contact with the tight end. Tight Ends Coach Charlie Ragle has been Bushman's main recruiter, although he has talked to most of the coaches at one point in time.

"I usually talk to Coach Ragle," Bushman said. "He's the tight ends' coach and if I went there, he would be my coach.

"I also talk to Rich Rodriguez. He's a great coach and you can tell he always knows what he's talking about."

As far as his recruitment goes, Bushman would like to commit to a school by the end of the summer.

"I am pretty much done with stuff for the summer," he said. "I'm just going to keep working out for now and I am planning on being at the opening of the new facilities at Arizona.

"I would like to announce my decision by the end of the summer. That would make it a stress free season for me."

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