Athlete waiting for offer

Josh Eckley is patiently awaiting his first scholarship offer. Read on to find out his thoughts on the Arizona schools, what would happen if Arizona offered, and more.

One of the top athletes in the state is is Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos De Niza athlete Josh Eckley.

The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder has yet to be offered a college scholarship, but has a few suitors as both Arizona and Arizona State have been in contact with Eckley.

"My recruitment has been going pretty good so far," Eckley said. "I've been talking to a few different schools, but no one has really pulled the trigger yet. Arizona and ASU have been looking at me the most."

Eckley is being recruited the hardest by both Arizona schools, but they are each looking for him to play different positions.

"Arizona is looking at me as a quarterback and an athlete," he said. "ASU wants me as a receiver and an athlete. Both are looking at me as an athlete, but I think Arizona really wants me to be at quarterback."

Even though the Sun Devils are looking at Eckley as a wide receiver, he would much rather play quarterback.

"My main position is quarterback," he said. "That's really where I want to play in college. I'm open to more, but I want to get a shot at quarterback."

The high school senior has been in constant contact with Arizona's coaches, including the quarterbacks coach, Rod Smith.

"I talk to Coach Smith, the quarterbacks coach," Eckley said. "I also talk to Coach (Charlie Ragle).

"We talk about working hard and me having a good season for me. We also talk about school and some other things. It's really relaxed."

With both in-state schools going hard for Eckley, the recruitment may come down to the coaches. He already has a clear distinction between the two.

"I would say that the Arizona State coaches are much more about just football," Eckley said. "They aren't really like players' coaches, not like at the U of A.

"Arizona's coaches are there to be your friend and coach you. They are there for you and if you wanted to call them at three o'clock in the morning, you could."

As mentioned earlier, Eckley doesn't currently hold an offer from Arizona. However, he has already done some thinking about what he would do if it was to extend a scholarship to him.

"Yes, I would probably commit," he said. "I like Arizona. It's a good team and Tucson is a really good place."

The athlete has been down to the Arizona campus to look around and came away impressed.

"I went down there for an unofficial visit a while back," Eckley said. "I got to walk around and look at everything. It was nice. I got to see all the new facilities they are building and other things."

One thing that stood out to Eckley was the change of scenery that the Arizona campus had to offer.

"I really liked how new it was to me," he said. "I've never really been down to Tucson before that. Everything is new to me.

"It's a big thing for me because I can easily go to ASU for school. Not that there is anything wrong with ASU, but I'm really looking for something new. I just really like Tucson."

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