Williams enjoys visit

Keyan Williams recently took a visit to Arizona. Read on to see how it went, when he will decide, and more.

The Arizona coaches hosted a flurry of visitors during the past couple weeks, and one of those prospects was New Orleans Lusher 2014 athlete, Keyan Williams.

"The Arizona visit well," Williams said. "I got to talk with the coaches and tour the campus, which was nice. It looks like with everything they're building its going to be big time.

"They let me know they like my ability and want me to come there, so they can get the ball in my hands."

At this point, Arizona is considered one of the schools to beat.

"Right now, Arizona, Colorado State and Missouri are my leaders," Williams said. "I would like to get to Colorado State, but I don't know if that will be possible because I have a lot of stuff going on here at home."

Program continuity is very important to Williams.

"The stability of the school and coaching staff will be a huge part of my decision," Williams said. "I want to go to a place where the coach is going to be around the whole time I'm there.

"I don't want to get there and play a guessing game on if the staff will be there. I want to leave college as a better player and person and I want to look at how players leave certain programs."

Although a Williams commitment in the near future wouldn't be a surprise, he plans on taking his time.

"There is no time frame for a decision," Williams said. "I could decide at a completely random time, not sure when, though.

"I just want to look at all the schools that want me and I will make a decision when it feels right. I will go to the best school for me and distance will play no factor in my choice."

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