Lebron Skills Acadamy Evaluations: Part A

Sunday was the first day of games at the Lebron James Skills Academy. Read on for the first part of evaluations, including Isaiah Briscoe, Kameron Chatman, and more.

LAS VEGAS - The first set of games at the LeBron James Skills Academy were on Sunday and we had the opportunity to see numerous Arizona recruits in action.


Cliff Alexander: We're beginning to sound like a broken record, but there is almost no point in trying to stop Alexander once he gets the ball close to the basket. He is easily one of the strongest guys in the high school ranks and had numerous dunks on Sunday. He easily clears space with his elbows and hips on the turn and quickly realizes when that happens. In addition, Alexander showed a nice turn around in the lane and if he can consistently develop his offensive game, he will become even more dangerous.

Leron Black: Black did not score a lot on Sunday, but he was still able to impress us. The first aspect of his game that stands out is his motor. He is always playing hard and often beat guys down the court because of it. Black does not seem like a small forward in any way, but there is nothing wrong with that because he is able to play the four, even if he is a bit undersized.

Black has good athleticism, is strong around the basket, and allows his motor to give him opportunities that other players would not necessarily be able to get. We would like to see him more, and will, but it was a solid showing on Sunday that still left room to impress as well.

Kameron Chatman: We have to give credit to Chatman for his improvement. He was already a great prospect, but his shot is looking better and he was hitting it at a high level on Sunday. If that jumper is falling, Chatman is extremely dangerous because there are so many things he can do well. Even when he is not scoring, Chatman attacks the glass, shows good vision, and uses his length to disrupt the guy he is guarding.

Basically, if you are looking at players as pure prospects, there probably aren't many guys that are better than Chatman in the west. He is going to keep getting better and that is a scary thought for opposing teams.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: Right from the start, it was obvious that PJC was healthier than he has been in a while and it was great to see him that way. He was not very aggressive with his scoring, but that was only because he was setting up other guys and did a great job at doing so. We don't recall multiple turnovers from Jackson-Cartwright, but he probably had close to eight assists or so. In fact, when his team pushed the pace and took the ball out of his hands for some reason, it suffered and wound up losing because of it.

Kelly Oubre: There aren't many players with the energy that Oubre has and it is hard for the opposition to match it. His energy also turns into aggression and Oubre likes to dunk anything near the basket. He is extremely physically when going to the basket and is difficult to knock off the ball.

What makes that aspect of his game even more impressive is that he has a smooth jump shot with range out to the three-point line. Oubre is certainly one of the best wing prospects in the country and showed why on Sunday.


Ivan Rabb: Rabb was extremely impressive in the drills in the morning that basically broke out into games. He showed good touch around the basket and blocked numerous shots. Rabb did not do much in the later game, but his potential remains high. There is no doubt he is one of the elite prospects in the country and he said he was sick on Saturday, so we are curious to see how he does on the final day.

Isaiah Briscoe: Sunday may have been the best that we have seen Briscoe play in a long time. For instance, he has one play where he took the point, cleared everyone out, took Jordan McLaughlin to the basket and came up with a three-point play.

Briscoe showed the ability to not only run the point, but play off the ball as well. There wasn't really anybody that was strong enough to stay in front of him and he consistently found a way to get to the basket and score or get fouled.

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