Turner focused on improving his game

Myles Turner is one of the best players in the 2014 class. Read on to see why he is not focused on recruiting, what he wants to improve, and more.

There may not be a player in the country that has seen his stock rise like Euless (Texas) Trinity center Myles Turner.

The 2014 five-star big man has chosen to turn his attention away from recruiting and towards becoming a better basketball player.

"At this point, I am not open to talk about my recruiting too much," Turner said. "I want to take this month to better myself, better my game, and go through my development."

It would be understandable if it was hard for Turner to focus on improving because of what his recruitment has become, but he actually says that it has not been difficult.

"Honestly, it is not really hard because I am only focused on one thing," he said. "I basically try to find one thing I want to focus on the most and go from there.

"My goal is to just get better. I want to take everything that is being taught to us and get everything out of it to better myself."

Turner believes that it is easy to explain why his stock has increased in such a short period of time.

"I think one is exposure and the other is how hard I have been working," he said. "Last summer I did not play because I broke my ankle. I gained 40 pound of muscle and was able to get my durability back, so I think that is one thing and then the fact that people can see me more."

In addition, Turner has been able to display how versatile he is against top competition, which may not be something he can do in high school.

"I think there is a huge difference, because in an AAU game you get all the great players in your area and put them on one team and in high school, it is much more mixed, so I think the competition is better in AAU," Turner said.

Although he is ranked as the second best center in the class, Turner wants to work on improving his game.

"I want to improve my overall strength and drive," he said. "Mentally I am working to develop the state of mind that I can't be stopped."

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