Jackson-Cartwright becomes recruiter

Parker Jackson-Cartwright committed to Arizona earlier in the spring while he was dealing with an injury. Read on to find out if he is healthy, who he is recruiting to play with him, and more.

Arizona's point guard for the 2014 recruiting class has recently returned to full health, as Parker Jackson-Cartwright showed off his recovery at the LeBron James Skills Academy.

"The camp was good," Jackson-Cartwright said. "There were a lot of drills, like some other camps. There were a lot of teaching points, so I just tried to be a sponge. You have to take in as much as you can, so that's what I did."

The guard may not have learned anything new at the camp, but he was able to sharpen some of his previous skills.

"I wouldn't say that it was learning things I didn't know," he said. "Their focus is to teach you something and then drill you on it and find out if you can use it in the camps. It is not really anything new, but refining some of the same things."

Jackson-Cartwright has been plagued by injuries over parts of the past year, but is finally back to full health.

"First off, it feels good to be out there without a nagging injury," he said. "It feels good to get back to competing at the highest level with the best players in the nation again. It just feels good because it's something that I love to do. I would say that I'm back at 100 percent."

It was a long process, but he feels stronger after going through the process. Jackson-Cartwright had to work out at least five times a week in addition to keeping his basketball skills sharp.

"I knew before I got hurt that I would have to do a lot of rehab," Jackson-Cartwright said. "I had to work out twice as much as before I was injured. I had rehab three times a week and weight training in between those days.

"I just had to work out really hard to get my feet strong and my body stronger. I want to try to hold off those injuries."

With Jackson-Cartwright being committed to the Wildcats, he has spent plenty of his free time trying to convince his fellow recruits to join him at Arizona.

"I've been talking to some of Arizona's targets," he said. "I talk to Isaiah Briscoe, Craig Victor, Stanley Johnson, and Cliff Alexander. I just talk to those guys who can make Arizona a better program."

One recruit that has been the most receptive of Jackson-Cartwright's pitches has been Craig Victor. The two have a close relationship, which helps Arizona's cause.

"He's not here right now, but Craig Victor has been pretty accepting of what I tell him," Jackson-Cartwright said. "We go way back. We have been friends since we were twelve. He is really high on Arizona. Now, hopefully, we can close that deal."

The 5-foot-10 guard is also very close with another Arizona recruit in Stanley Johnson. Jackson-Cartwright has been in Johnson's ear since he committed.

"I just tell (Johnson) that there's no place like home," he said. "There's nothing like playing with someone you've been with since you were eight years old.

"Our families are as close as families can be. We like playing with each other. We can be dangerous together."

Having players that he is really familiar with would help Jackson-Cartwright transition from high school to college. He would have a better feel for what his teammates are doing on the court.

"It would really help the transition period," he said. "We are comfortable with each other. He would be right there by my side. We've done this before and we would know we could get through anything together."

As for the rest of the year, he plans on taking a trip to Tucson at some point, but a specific date hasn't been set up yet.

"I assume that I will be at the Red-Blue game," Jackson-Cartwright said. "I have to fit it in my schedule. I might go down in August, but that's not set up yet. I'll definitely find a time to get down there."

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