Briscoe speaks highly of Arizona

Not only is Isaiah Briscoe looking for a college, but now he is looking for a high school as well. Read on for his thoughts on both, Arizona, and more.

2015 Newark (N.J.) guard Isaiah Briscoe was expecting to go to Findlay Prep, but a coaching change has now forced him to look at his options again.

"I am just trying to enjoy my life," Briscoe said. "There's a lot of pressure and I just want to play basketball."

Former Findlay coach Todd Simon took an assistant job at UNLV and while Briscoe did not have anything negative to say about it, he does admit that it caught him off guard.

"It did surprise me because he recruited me to go there," Briscoe said. "When he left, it was kind of awkward. I still know Coach (Jerome) Williams and I have a good relationship with him. My mom was not really comfortable when the coach got changed, so I need to keep going and see what school I like."

Numerous schools continue to recruit Briscoe and he consistently has good things to say about Arizona.

"Recruiting is going well," he said. "I have a lot of schools coming after me. Arizona is a beautiful campus. It has great weather and the scenery is just amazing. You don't see stuff like that in New Jersey."

The UA coaching staff is telling Briscoe that it will be able to use him at two positions, which is something that appeals to him.

"The coaches told me they will put me in the best position," he said. "If I look good at the two, I will play there. If they want me at the one, I can do that and whatever they need me to do that will also help me get to the next level."

One coach in particular that Briscoe has a good relationship with is Book Richardson, as the relationship goes beyond recruiting.

"I have a great relationship with Book," Briscoe said. "I talk to him as much as possible and he has been recruiting me since the eighth grade. It is more of a little brother, big brother relationship rather than a normal relationship with a recruiter and that separates Arizona from a lot of schools."

Briscoe's search for a high school has slowed down his search for a college, but it is still possible that he will make a decision in the next month or so.

"I don't know, honestly," Briscoe said of a decision timeline. "Most likely by the end of the summer. I just want to figure out what high school I am going to first and if I have time before the end of the summer, I will commit."

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