Rabb's recruitment gaining steam

Ivan Rabb has been a standout on the basketball court for the past few years. His recruitment has recently been heating up. Read on for more about who is recruiting him, where Arizona stands, which Wildcat commit he would like to play with in college, and more.

It started out as a rough week for Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd power forward Ivan Rabb during the LeBron James Skills Academy, but he bounced back. The 6-foot-9 forward overcame a sickness early in the week and played well throughout the remainder of the camp.

"I was off a little bit to start camp because I was sick," Rabb said. "I'm starting to get back in the swing of things and I'm just trying to play my game right now. I just have to worry about myself and not focus on what other people are doing."

Even with the illness, Rabb was able to work with several of the coaches during the event. He fine tuned plenty of skills, but one drill stood out the most to him.

"I learned a lot of things about the pick-and-roll," he said. "We worked on setting a tough screen and being able to jump out of it quickly. We also learned how to get the best hit on the defender possible to slow them down through the screen."

Over the past year, the power forward has burst on the scene, rising to the top of the rankings. As the top power forward in the 2015 recruiting class, he is getting plenty of attention.

"My recruitment has been going really well," he said. "I have been getting a lot of phone calls and text messages from big name colleges. It feels pretty good.

"Arizona, North Carolina, California, NC State, Georgetown, and Duke have been recruiting me the hardest."

While Rabb is looking at his college choices, there is a very specific basketball detail he will be looking for.

"I'm looking for a school that plays my type of basketball," he said. "I like to get the ball out and run. However, I don't want to go to a team that only runs and can't score in the half court sets.

"I don't want to be a team that gets stopped on the fast break and then can't score. I want to help the team get to a point where it is solid on all points of offense and defense."

The recruit also knows what he would like to study in college. Rabb understands that he will need a backup career in case basketball doesn't work out.

"Academically speaking, I think I want to major in business or real estate development," Rabb said. "I want to go to a school that has good academics overall. Not everyone is going to the NBA, so I need something to fall back on."

The Arizona Wildcats have been recruiting Rabb since the very beginning and were the first team to offer the forward. They have both kept in close contact with each other.

"Arizona has a lot of bigs and they have been talking to me about them," he said. "They have Brandon Ashley and Grant Jerrett just went to the NBA. They have Aaron Gordon and some other bay area players that I know pretty well. That's been a main selling point.

"I didn't know all of them, just a few, but they have played on older teams that I've seen and I just get to talk to them about little things. Sometimes, it's not just about Arizona, but basketball and things in general, so it always helps to have people that you know."

The five-star forward has been thinking about who he may be playing alongside at the next level and one player stands above the others as a teammate.

"I like all my teammates out here," Rabb said. "One player that I would really like to play with is Stanley Johnson. I know he's a year older, but he's a good teammate and he does everything right.

"He works really hard and I can learn a lot from him. I believe if we work together, both of our work ethics can take us to another level.

Arizona commit Parker Jackson-Cartwright is also a year ahead of the forward, but is another player that the big man looks up to on the court.

"Parker was my teammate at the Lebron camp last year," Rabb said. "He set me up time after time. He got me a lot of easy baskets. I believe he's going to be a really good point guard. Some people may be sleeping on him because he's short, but once he gets there, he's going to be good. I would definitely want to play next to him."

Rabb has an idea of when he would like to make a decision, but doesn't currently have any visits planned.

"I don't really have any visits I know of," Rabb said "I think I will be taking some next year, probably in the spring.

"I want to decide pretty early, too. I think it will be late junior year or early senior year."

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