Battle at the Beach: Evaluations

The Battle at the Beach had some of the best prospects in the west in attendance. Read on to see how the Arizona prospects performed.

REDONDO BEACH, CALIF. - The Battle at the Beach had some of the best prospects in the west in attendance. Read on to see how numerous Arizona prospects did on Thursday.


Chance Comanche: It is difficult to take away too much from Comanche's performance, because he is not surrounded by much. The opponent double teamed him nearly every time he touched the ball and usually before it as well. To his credit, Comanche knew where to go and never really forced the issue. The opponent may have stopped him from scoring, but could not keep him off the glass. He definitely needs to get stronger, but the potential for success is obvious.

Aaron Holiday: Holiday showed up with his team down big and wound up helping lead it to the win. His aggressiveness is contagious and he reminds us a lot of his brother Jrue in that way. He did not display much of a jump shot, but was successful getting to the hoop and at the very least, drawing fouls. Holiday is one of the better prospects in the west for his class and our guess is that his offer list will soon reflect that.

Bennie Boatwright: Boatwright is basically Austin Daye. He is similar height, plays the game the same way, and has similar strengths and weaknesses. Boatwright is a solid shooter, but sometimes relies on his shot too much. He can score around the basket, but seems content taking the jump shot instead. Once he gets stronger and has more balance in his game, Boatwright is going to be much better for it. Still, that does not mean that he is a bad player by any means, because he deserves the offers he has.

Roman Davis: This was our first viewing of Davis and he was extremely impressive as a prospect. Davis may not have put up big numbers, but he has a great frame and extremely long arms. Davis' offensive game is still coming along, but his potential is obvious. He has solid form on his jump shot and plays with great energy. Davis is definitely a payer that is going to see his attention increase sooner than later.


Devearl Ramsey: The first aspect of Ramsey's game that catches your attention is his speed. In fact, there are times that he is playing so fast that he loses control. However, he also gets to the basket consistently and is extremely difficult to stay in front of. Ramsey has a respectable jumper, but has room to improve in that area and plenty of time to do it.

Leland Green: Green is another player that is able to succeed now, but whose potential is what makes him special. He is already a good defender and although some classify him as a shooting guard, we think he will wind up being an effective point guard. Green has nice pacing and consistently gets to the basket, but also displays good vision as well.

Jayce Johnson: It was not the best day for Johnson, but he did show glimpses of what he can do. The big man has good touch around the basket and although we would like to see him be more aggressive, he is young enough where it is not a big concern. Johnson lacks some athleticism, but he runs the court decently. It will be interesting to see how he grows and develops in the next few years.

Dikembe Martin: Martin was one of the best players we saw on Thursday, as he basically scored at will. He is extremely quick both on the ball and off and his motor was a big reason why he was so successful. Martin has a good mid-range game and can distribute as well, so he affects the game in numerous ways. When a player scores like he did, you do wonder how much potential there is, but Martin is definitely a good player right now and one to watch closely.

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