Pierson planning official

Defensive lineman Dale Pierson has already visited Arizona, but plans to do it again. Read on to see when, the other schools in contention, and more.

Adding depth to the front six is a priority for the 2014 recruiting class and the UA coaches would love to add Pasadena City College pass rusher Dale Pierson to the mix.

"They like my ability to get after the passer as a weakside defensive end who would be tilted off tackle." Pierson said. "Since their defense is a little different, they want guys who can get after the passer, but also play the run. They've got a lot of different ways to use their players, so that is definitely good."

Pierson is already familiar with the Arizona campus.

"I went on an unofficial out there about a month ago, and it was a great time," Pierson said. "The school is beautiful and there are a lot of good teams there, so it's almost expected that you have to be good."

The defensive lineman is already planning on visiting again.

"I plan on getting out there for an official visit in December," Pierson said. "That will be important because I will get to see the whole team and just watch how everyone interacts and see what the coaches are like in practices, stuff like that."

Arizona figures to face steep competition for Pierson's services.

"More schools have been recruiting me lately," Pierson said. "UCLA, Michigan, and Utah have all shown interest and those are pretty good schools, so we'll see where that leads."

Pierson has a specific time frame for when he would like to make his college selection.

"I would like to decide by the end of the season, if possible," Pierson said. "I don't want to make a quick decision just so I can get it out of the way before my last season.

"I need the time to look and see who is interested and then weigh the positives and negatives for each school."

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