Las Vegas Tournaments Day Two: Evaluations

The second day of the Las Vegas tournaments has been completed and there were numerous impressive performances from Arizona recruits. Read on to see who played well and more.

LAS VEGAS - Thursday was the first full day of the Las Vegas tournaments and it allowed us to see plenty of Arizona prospects in action.


Craig Victor: Once again, the opposition played a zone in order to stop Victor and it worked for the majority of the game. Victor saw most of his action at the top of the free-throw line and although he struggled to find his own shots, he was good at breaking down the zone with his passing. Victor did struggle a bit to finish when he had the opportunity to, but he also succeeded in other areas. Defensively, he more than stood his ground against Jaylen Johnson, as it seemed that Johnson was nearly invisible the entire game.

Stanley Johnson: At this point, we probably sound like a broken record with Johnson. He can effect the game in so many different ways and is one of the most well-rounded players in the class. Johnson seemed to have an easier time playing with the Soldiers than he did with Mater Dei, but a lot of that is due to the talent around him. Johnson displayed his passing ability with a touch pass to Ivan Rabb for a dunk and also found room for one of his own.

Jahlil Okafor: What is scary about Okafor is that he is already one of the top players in the country, but also has room to improve. He can get stronger and extend his range a bit, but it is not vital towards his future success. Okafor rebounded well and has soft hands in the post. He knows exactly what his strengths are and tries to use the as much as possible, which a lot of kids have trouble doing for some reason.

Cliff Alexander: Alexander is just a monster inside, but he actually stepped out and hit a jumper or two. Should that ever become a consistent part of his game, he will become close to unstoppable. Alexander dominated the glass, scored whenever he was close to the basket, and was his usual self.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: PJC was a bit inconsistent, but stepped his game up in the second half. We like when he is aggressive to the basket, because it just creates more opportunities for everybody involved. He was able to beat his man off the dribble a few times and nailed a mid-range jumper or two as well. There isn't much more we can say about his passing ability and I.Q. that has not been said already.


Tyler Dorsey: Dorsey was same player that we have grown accustomed to seeing, which definitely is not a bad thing. He hit a three in transition with a man in his face, had a sequence in which he had three assists in a row, and also had success getting to the basket. Dorsey had one play in which he somehow got out of trouble, kept his dribble, then scored, as the defender shook his head at what Dorsey had just done. The guard still has a few years to improve before college, which is a scary thought.

Kendall Small: Small was the best player on the court at times and still has plenty of room to improve. He is versatile in when he runs the point and on Thursday, he chose to be more aggressive offensively. When Small is scoring, he is difficult to guard, but he pushed it a bit too much at times and made some bad decisions once he did get momentum. Small showed range behind the three-point line and was able to create his own shot to do so.

Ivan Rabb: Rabb is really fun to watch when he is playing well, because his confidence helps his aggressiveness. On one play, Rabb grabbed a board and took it to the other end for a layup, which guys his size shouldn't be able to do. He was also aggressive on the glass and didn't shy away from the contact that Elijah Thomas tried to give him.

Bennie Boatwright: There are going to be mixed opinions on Boatwright. He has good size, but is not strong enough to contribute inside. In addition, he is a good shooter, but you do wonder how much he will contribute in other areas. Boatwright has plenty of potential and there is a lot to like, but there is also some risk that will cause schools to take a more patient approach.


Vance Jackson: If Jackson is open for the jumper, there is a good chance he is making it. He is better when he is spotting up, but that's not a major deal. When Jackson is able to set his feet, he becomes much more dangerous, as he hit two three-pointers in a row from the corner at one point. Jackson says UCLA has really picked it up with him and we would expect the majority of the PAC-12 to do the same.

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