Johnson wants another title

2014 forward Stanley Johnson is a top target for Arizona. Read on to find out what his role will be like during his last year of high school, what his goals are, and more.

Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei forward Stanley Johnson isn't going to be getting much rest this weekend, as he is playing with two teams..

"The summer has been really good for me," Johnson said. "We've had some decent games so far. We've been to a lot of events, but it's almost over now. I had a great summer and it's time to let it go now."

Johnson's high school team is also in Las Vegas for a different tournament: the Fab 48. The forward has taken the responsibility on himself to play with both teams throughout the week.

"I like playing basketball," he said. "My high school team is out here in a good tournament. I want to see them go as far as they can. If my travel team doesn't conflict with my high school team, then I'll probably come and play with them."

He has been an Arizona target for a long time, but the forward is turning his attention to his high school team. Helping Mater Dei win is something that Johnson is looking forward to doing as the summer turns into fall and the high school season starts.

"Hopefully I leave behind four state championships at Mater Dei," Johnson said. "That's really the only thing left for me to do. Scoring is kind of already in the books for me, Rebounding, I'm close, but I'm not close to anyone in assists.

"If I can get four rings in a row, that would be the best thing for me and the team."

Mater Dei is looking for a fourth straight championship, but is lacking a pure point guard. Johnson has become the replacement ball handler for the team.

"Nothing has really changed," Johnson said about his role with Mater Dei. "The biggest thing is that I have been playing the point more. I'm told to bring it up all the time.

"That's really the only thing that has changed. Everything else is still the same except for me handling the ball more."

Although he enjoys having the ball in his hands, Johnson prefers to play on the wing, instead of playing point guard.

"I prefer having a pure point guard instead of having me bring the ball up every time," he said. "It is a lot more energy for me to use to bring it up. I'm better at catching it on the wing and going from there."

"I can bring it up sometimes on the break, but that's with an open court," he said. "Having to bring the ball up religiously, every time, is going to be something that is hard for me throughout the entire season."

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