Kell excited about offer

2014 shooting guard Trey Kell was offered by Arizona on Thursday night. Read on to see Kell's reaction, where Arizona stands, and more.

On Thursday afternoon, the Arizona Wildcats extended a scholarship offer to San Diego St. Augustine shooting guard Trey Kell.

"We had practice before one of the games and one of our coaches told me Coach Miller would be at the game," he said. "They said that he liked the way I played and wanted to see more of me.

"That night I found out that Arizona had decided to offer me a scholarship."

The guard's initial reaction over the offer was shock, but following that, he was filled with excitement.

"I was really excited about the offer," Kell said. "It is a big time program in a big time conference. It's a great opportunity for me to have."

The offer was a surprise for the 6-4 guard because he had only just started having conversations with the Arizona coaching staff.

"I just started talking to Arizona a few days before this tournament," Kell said. "I had not really had contact with them before."

Despite having just recently started talking to Arizona, Kell already knows quite a bit about the Wildcats.

"Arizona has a great coach with Sean Miller," he said. "He's a players' coach. He lets you play with that freedom that every basketball player wants. It's very exciting for me."

Kell has a handful of other offers, but has one school in particular that stands out the most to him.

"I would say San Diego State is coming after me the hardest right now," Kell said. "They are close to home. The campus is about five minutes from where I live.

"I have a great relationship with their coaching staff. They also have a great arena that they pack with a fantastic crowd for every game."

It has been a long year for Kell. He started the high school season without any scholarship offers and has seen that number grow quickly.

"At the start of the school year, I didn't have any offers and now I have about twenty," he said. "I would say that my stock has risen quite a bit.

"I went to some big camps over the summer and I'm getting more exposure. Before this summer, I had never really went out of California except for the two Vegas tournaments. Now, I am getting seen more and it's helping."

Throughout the week, Kell has had numerous Pac-12 coaches and assistant coaches stop by for his game. He has noticed and has enjoyed the attention.

"It's exciting to have the Pac-12 start noticing me," Kell said. "It's close to home and it is a great conference. There's never anything bad about having big time coaches taking notice of me."

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