Las Vegas Tournament Day Four Evaluations

Saturday saw numerous Arizona prospects get eliminated as others moved on to the final day of the Las Vegas tournaments. Read on to see how those prospects played.

LAS VEGAS - Saturday saw numerous Arizona prospects eliminated, while others moved on to the final day of action.


Craig Victor: Victor and New Orleans Elite were eliminated on Saturday, but we watched the first game in which they won. Victor was pretty much his normal self, playing hard and being aggressive on the glass. Victor was strong on the glass and often drew two defenders even when he was on the opposite side of the play. One aspect of his game that is probably a little underrated is his defense,as he is a good straight up defender and has enough strength and lateral quickness to guard two positions..

Stanley Johnson: Johnson probably played his best of the game of the week and it was ridiculous at one point. He was hitting jumpers, posted his man up and hit a hook shot, and had numerous dunks as well. There was absolutely nothing the other team could do and he knew it. Not only that, but it is remarkable to see how much energy he still has. There aren't many players in the country we would want over Johnson and he showed why on Saturday.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright: Another day, another solid effort for the Arizona commit. His vision continues to be among the best in the country, but he really had his floater game working on Saturday. He may get pushed around a bit because of his size, but you have to admire the fact that PJC gets right back up and, if anything, becomes more aggressive. We didn't see anything this week that would change our positive opinion of him.


Ivan Rabb: Confidence can do wonders for a player and Rabb is the perfect example of that. He is more comfortable in nearly everything he does, including ball-handling and even must posting up. He absolutely abused his defender on Saturday, including a drop step move that most guys in college can't even do. Rabb is already a fantastic prospect, but it is scary to think of what he will be become .

Bennie Boatwright: Boatwright had his best defensive game of the week, coming up with a few steals. He also did what he does best, which is shoot threes. We don't need to keep getting into our concerns about him, but his shooting is going to be valued by a lot of teams.

Isaiah Briscoe: Briscoe is what he is and it is up to the person watching him to figure out if that is a good thing. He can score and there I talent there, but you do wonder how much potential there is. He is absolutely a tough kid and is improving his point guard skills, which is big for him. We think he is more effective at the two, but could play the point if needed. Briscoe is strong going to the hoop and that is easily the best part of his game, as he can do it at a high rate consistently.

Kameron Chatman: When Chatman's jumper is falling, he is effective in so many ways. The opposition recognized that and did everything it could to take him out of the game and it won because of it. Chatman took the ball up numerous times and wasn't bad at it, but that's just not what he should be doing. It's hard to find something Chatman doesn't do well, which is why he is one of the best prospects in his class.

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