Briscoe stepping back from recruiting

2015 guard Isaiah Briscoe still needs to find a high school. Read on to find out where he is looking, what he is working on for basketball, and more.

As Isaiah Briscoe ends the summer, the 2015 New Jersey guard believes that he is playing his best basketball.

"Summer has been going great for me," Briscoe said. "I feel like I'm really starting to improve a lot and get my game to the next level. My confidence is at an all-time high. I'm just playing my game right now."

One of the biggest changes for the guard is his body development.

"My body is transforming," he said. "My skills are already there, but now I am growing and getting my body into shape. When I fixed my body up, I knew that I was going to be a different player.

"I am feeling more explosive and quicker than ever before. I just feel like a totally different player."

Even though he has already added some weight, Briscoe isn't satisfied and would like to improve physically

"I still want to work on my body some more," Briscoe said. "I need to finish toning my body and getting it at 100% in shape. I've seen the improvement so far with my game. If I can get in better shape, I can start working on my skills again."

Briscoe was set to make his college decision, but has since but that on the backburner while he is searching for a new high school.

"I have actually stopped thinking about recruiting altogether," he said. "I was planning on committing by the end of the summer, but I need to figure out where I am going for high school first.

"I'm not thinking about it at all. It just left my mind. I'm just trying to find a high school right now."

Finding a high school is at the top of Briscoe's list of things to do. He will be looking at several schools and deciding shortly.

"I haven't found a high school yet," Briscoe said. "I'm still looking and I'm hoping to figure it out soon. Within three or four days after this tournament, I should know where I am going.

"I still have to look at a couple schools. I still have to visit Brewster Academy, Pope John's, and a few other local schools. That should help me decide."

Briscoe doesn't plan on making any other appearances during the summer, but does have a possible visit coming next month.

"I don't have any other plans right now," he said. "I might visit Florida in August, but I'm not sure yet. High school is the top priority right now."

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