Chatman focusing on seven

2014 forward Kameron Chatman has a special relationship with one of the Arizona coaches. Read on to find Chatman's connection to Damon Stoudamire, how it helps the Wildcats, and more.

Over the course of the summer, Long Beach (Calif.) Polytechnic forward Kameron Chatman has noticed more and more attention from schools. He has had a busy summer and benefited from it.

"It went pretty well," Chatman said. "I went to a lot of camps and learned a lot of things. It was just a good summer. It was very productive."

Chatman set out to improve and saw pieces of his game get better with every tournament or event he attended.

"I worked on different things over the summer," he said. "I would say defense is what has improved the most. I worked a lot on defending guards and I can pick them up in full court situations now.

"I've worked on my shooting as well. My three-point shooting has greatly improved."

One thing that the forward would like to see improve is related to his physical skills.

"I would say that I would like to work on my strength," Chatman said. "I'm going to work on that a little this year, but it will mostly be during next summer. I can make sure that I am ready to play when I get to college and get my body ready for that level next summer heading into college."

Chatman has a list of seven schools at the moment and doesn't know if or when he will make a cut.

"I have seven schools right now," he said. "Arizona, USC, Oregon, Connecticut, Michigan, Syracuse, and Duke.

"I would say that Arizona, Oregon, USC, UConn, and Michigan are recruiting me the hardest. It's pretty even."

At the beginning of the summer, Arizona hired a former player, Damon Stoudamire, as an assistant coach. The move helped out with Chatman's recruitment.

"Everything picked up after Arizona hired Stoudamire," Chatman said. "The relationship he has with my dad has really helped. I knew him growing up because he is from Portland and he has a past with us. It definitely comes up in our family."

The hiring of Stoudamire doesn't make the Wildcats the leader, but it does help them out significantly.

"I wouldn't say that that puts Arizona ahead because everyone is pretty even right now," he said. "Arizona hiring someone that is close to me and my family is definitely a good look for them."

Chatman has known the assistant coach since he was young, thanks to the past that his father and Stoudamire share.

"(Stoudamire) has known me since I was little," Chatman said. "He has a close relationship with my dad because they played together in high school. They are good friends and I have known him for a really long time, so that's good."

Now that the AAU circuit has ended, Chatman will turn his attention to his high school basketball season and planning visits to the schools on his list.

"I'm trying to plan my visits right now," he said. "I don't have any planned at the moment, but it is one of my priorities. I will probably try to get to all seven, but I'm not sure yet."

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