Position Analysis: Running back

Camp starts this weekend and our position previews continue. Read on to see who could get carries besides Ka'Deem Carey, who could surprise, and more.

There are numerous positions that are up for grabs, but one of them is not at running back. Ka'Deem Carey is easily going to be the starter, but there are some questions as to who will emerge as the second or third back and what the coaching staff will do with incoming freshmen Pierre Cormier and Zachary Green.

The proven: This is obvious, as Carey is a legitimate Heisman candidate if Arizona can win enough games. He carried Arizona to numerous wins last season and the same will be expected this year as well.

We knew that Rich Rodriguez's offense would be beneficial to Carey, but there were times last season when it was just ridiculous how good he was. Put him in Arizona's strength and conditioning program for another year, have him start healthy, and he could potentially exceed last season's numbers. The real question is whether or not a new quarterback is going to affect how defenses are going to approach stopping Carey.

The question mark: Daniel Jenkins is the biggest question because of what he almost did, not what he has done before. Jenkins was going to transfer to Washington State, so you do have to wonder how much his head is going to be into playing at Arizona.

Our guess is that he is going to be just fine, but it is never easy to be second string to a guy that is easily going to get the majority of the carries. This is Jenkins' last year of college football and we wonder how he will approach everything.

Jenkins has been nothing but great in the past and the bet here is that he does just fine, but there really are not a lot of questions with the other guys.

The most potential: Cormier may not have the most potential going into this season, because even if he does not redshirt, he is not going to get enough carries. However, in terms of overall potential, there may not be many players that have as much potential as Cormier.

There is a reason why Cormier was one of Arizona's top targets from the beginning and it is because he fits in perfectly with what Arizona likes to do on offense. It's a huge help that Cormier will be learning from Carey and if somehow finds a way to play this season, it likely means that Arizona has a one-two punch that not many schools in the country can rival.

The dark horse: Nobody is going beat out Carey for carries, but the dark horse battle is whether or not a third player can emerge. Most of the backs on the roster have similar styles, except for Zachary Green.

Green is more of a power runner and Rodriguez could feel that his style is so beneficial, that he is going to get some carries in goal line or short yardage situations. Cormier is being talked about more than Green and we understand that, but Green has plenty of talent.

We don't expect him to get 10 carries per game or anything like that, but if he can prove that he has some unique worth, it wouldn't be a shock to see him get some carries right away.

Our prediction: There isn't really much to predict here, because our guess is that Carey and Jenkins are going to get the majority of the carries. The question here is who the third back will be. Both Green and Cormier are going to contribute to this program moving forward, so we think Rodriguez sticks with Jared Baker as the third back and redshirts the two freshmen.

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