Arizona leads for defensive lineman

Jase Franke recently visited Arizona and came away impressed. Read on to see why the Wildcats lead, when he will decide, and more.

The UA coaching staff received a flurry of commitments during the past 24 hours, and there are multiple players like Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure pass rusher Jase Franke who now list Arizona as their leader.

"The visit exceeded all my expectations," Franke said. "I remember thinking that I couldn't find the old locker room because I couldn't believe that was the locker room they used, just so small.

"These facilities now are impressive. Everything the coaches talked about was true. It just looks really big time and was just an amazing addition."

The whole coaching staff made a concerted effort to impress Franke.

"I talked with all the coaches and they really liked my ability to make a contribution, otherwise they wouldn't have offered me," Franke said. "They really went all out to impress us and it definitely worked."

Franke now lists Arizona as his leader, but his recruitment isn't over yet.

"Right now Arizona is my leader," Franke said. "They have everything I'm looking for, mainly it's a school that plays in a big-time conference that I've grown up watching, it's not that far away, and I will be able to play against some of the guys I grew up playing against.

"I might still get out to Colorado next month, just to observe and see what it's like, but I'm not completely sure. I would like to be able to compare Arizona to another place, so the visit is a possibility. I'm going to sit down with some people and see what my next move is."

Even if Franke does visit other schools, it seems that he wants to make a decision soon.

"Either way, I'm getting closer to a decision and I can see myself deciding here pretty soon," he said.

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