Position Analysis: Offensive line

Arizona's offensive line should be one of its best position units. Read on to see who is the most consistent, has the potential to break through, and more.

One of Arizona's strongest position units is the offensive line. Arizona has numerous players that it can rely on and will look to others to increase its depth.

The proven: This could really go to numerous players, but we're going to go with Chris Putton here. Putton is reliable and also one of the most versatile linemen. He has proven he can be used on the line at numerous spots and will likely be the anchor of Arizona's offensive line.

There are definitely other linemen that Arizona's coaches feel they can rely on and rightfully so. However, Putton's versatility and ability to take to coaching is why we decided to give him the spot as the most proven. Arizona knows exactly what it is going to get each game with Putton and that is not something to take lightly.

The question mark: Jacob Arzouman came into Arizona looking to play right away, but an injury kept him out for the season. Now the sophomore will contend for a spot at numerous places on the offensive line and has a solid chance of getting playing time.

The big question here is whether or not Arzouman can be effective when he has not played football for two years. Although he has plenty of talent, it is not easy to take your first snap in college and have it be at the pace that Rich Rodriguez runs his offense.

We have no idea where Arzouman stands in terms of his skills and ability to play now and thus we do not know if he will be able to be effective for Arizona and challenge for a starting spot like some expect him to do.

The most potential: The expectations for Steven Gurrola are extremely high and he is expected to come in and start at center for Arizona. The reason for that is not necessarily because the position is open, but because his coaches have spoken very highly of him.

Physically, Gurrola is already able to play. If he comes in and is able to adjust to the playbook and speed in which the coaching staff wants him to go, he has the potential to be a very good player for Arizona.

The dark horse: I had a coach tell me that he believed that when it was all said and done, T.D. Gross would be one of the best linemen in the conference. Now, that may not come this season, but there is enough of an opening where he can compete for playing time.

Gross is basically being ignored when discussing who can make an impact on the line and we understand it. There are plenty of players with high expectations and ones that are returning and most feel will get the majority of the playing time.

Those guys are going to see their minutes, but Gross has a chance to get some of his own. He is a versatile lineman with good size and has put on a solid amount of weight since last season. It would not be a shock to see him make a bigger impact than some expect.

Our prediction: Putton, Mickey Baucus, and Fabbians Ebbele are pretty much locks to start. Our guess is that Gurrola comes in and meets expectations and starts at center. Beyond that, it is a bit up in the air. Cayman Bundage could get a starting spot or Arizona could choose to move around some guys in order to maximize the potential. We think Bundage starts with the others on day one, but it will be interesting to see who emerges and how long his leash is.

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